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Electronics Cold Cathodes with Mercedes Benz features

Discussion in 'Modding' started by LaPPe, 7 Jul 2002.

  1. LaPPe

    LaPPe What's a Dremel?

    3 Nov 2001
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    Is it possible to mix some sort of electronics together so that when boot up your pooter your cathodes will slowly (2 secs or so) fade to max lighting. And when you power down, the cathode will remain on for about 2 secs after the computer has been shut down and then fade out during another 2 secs?

    Will this be possible?
  2. xen0morph

    xen0morph Bargain wine connoisseur

    30 Jun 2002
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    Make some kind of pulse circuit with a cap during power-on and power-off

    So as the vc increases/decreases in the cap it is pulsed into the tube every few milliseconds

    II don't know exactly :)

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