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Other Comms / Social media help for local charity!

Discussion in 'General' started by MiNiMaL_FuSS, 25 Feb 2021.

  1. MiNiMaL_FuSS


    24 Dec 2003
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    Hi everyone,

    Many of you will already know that I'm a director for a local charity here in the East (www.voluntarynorfolk.org.uk); a few of you have certainly helped me out in the past!

    We've just taken on a number of new employment support initiatives (in part due to Covid-19), and I'm looking to combine the promotion of all of these disparate projects in order to create a cleaner, clearer, single message - essentially, telling anyone and everyone out of work in Norfolk that they can come to us for free impartial help.

    Now as a relatively small local charity we're typically poorly resourced in this sort of area. So I'm here to beg and borrow what I can from any lovely Bit-Techers that might want to volunteer their time and skills to help us out. That said if anyone runs a SME, social enterprise or similar that works in this sort of area then I can probably rustle up some minimal funding.

    I'm currently looking for help in couple of key areas.

    Copy writing / promotion:
    • As per the above, I'm running 6 different employment and skills projects that have a great deal of crossover (www.voluntarynorfolk.org.uk/services/employment-skills-services).
    • I'd like some creative assistance on crafting a single message to bring them together and make them simpler and less confusing for people to access.
    • This in turn could add to some sort of promotional campaign ideas, a series of theme messages we could post on social media for example.
    Social Media:
    • Someone who understands social media promotion (more specifically Facebook advertising or similar). We've don't have this expertise in-house and I don't use social media at all myself!
    • The aim would be to promote our Employment & Skills support, ultimately reaching and engaging a broader audience of people from the local area.
    • I can't afford on-going support here, but interested in my options, I basically know nothing.
    Early days and just ordering my thoughts at the moment, but ideas welcome :)
  2. creative

    creative 500rwhp

    23 May 2014
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    with bookface, make sure your page is under a FB business manager page. This allows a lot more flexibility with having people manage multiple pages without connecting it to a personal account. We made this mistake when we first set out on FB and it was a nightmare to get it changed over after staff left etc etc. Under the business manager page you can run adverts etc etc really easily.

    Social media is all about consistency and presence. Regular, informative posts are a must and spam that fb link everywhere! Have it on your email signatures, refer people to it at every chance.

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