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Other Compact Workbench Project

Discussion in 'General' started by xen0morph, 26 Nov 2012.

  1. xen0morph

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    30 Jun 2002
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    I haven't visited here for an age!

    Anyway, I thought I would post something I'm working on. I'm quite heavily into electronics (analogue and digital) at the moment. I did convert the spare room into a workshop when we moved to this house:


    However, we are currently trying for a baby, so the mancave must go! Hence, I need a new workbench that is compact (to fit in the corner of the living room) and hides away all the ugly stuff when not in use.



    Features required:
    - Loads of cubby holes and shelves, to fit projects (big and small), boxes of bits, tools, instruments, meters...
    - Space to screw my big parts drawers (2 of them) to.
    - Plenty of power outlets and good lighting
    - Space to hide the workbench PC (ITX) and amplifier (bottom right on the drawing above)
    - Shelving for the other half to keep her books and files on (she's a teacher)

    OK. On to the more accurate drawings.

    Carcass is built using sheets of veneered 10mm ply (I can get this cut to size at the timber merchants as I do not own a table saw).

    Worktop is a standard 600mm kitchen worktop - 2m long.

    Carcass (shelves and doors will be added when built):


    Cutting diagram to give to the timber merchants:


    It will be braced by 2x2 batons placed as follows:

    - on each side under the top shelf
    - four in each of the bottom 'cupboard' section, as these must be rigid as they support the most weight.

    The backing will just be a sheet of thin veneered hardboard, it does not act as a brace itself, the 10mm ply, worktop and shelf form the main structure.

    Just thought I'd share this; I hope to go and get the wood cut this weekend (off to buy the worktop later this week), so will share my progress.

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