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Cooling Cool River Watercooling Kit

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by scotty6435, 28 Mar 2005.

  1. scotty6435

    scotty6435 What's a Dremel?

    4 Sep 2004
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    If this would be more appropriate in the SFF forum then please move and I apologise in advance.

    Reading Custom PC mag last week I saw something interesting. A small, very cheap watercooling system was put in a shuttle 95G5 and it proved to be very good! It was using the coolriver watercooling systemhttp://www.scan.co.uk/Products/ProductInfo.asp?WebProductID=174654 (known as the stormcool III in the states) and comes complete with CPU, northbridge AND graphics card blocks with a combined and sealed res & pump all hooked into a 120mm copper radiator. It uses very small bore 6mm ID tubing and is pre-filled and pre-assembled out of the box.

    I'd really like to try this on my shuttle but I have a dilemma on my hands as there is also an 80mm version. I would like all components internalised if possible (currently running an external 120mm fan via adaptor) but to maximise performance I will either need to run the 120mm radiator or 120mm fan. As I will paxmate my case and only 2 fans will be running (PSU 80mm and radiator fan) I would prefer to have the fan internal (80mm or 92mm with custom shroud).

    Does a quiet 80mm fan have the cooling capacity to reliably cool an XP3200 and 6800GT overclocked? I will be removing the northbridge block as it really isn't needed (using passive zalman cooler).

    The only other alternative is to run a 120mm fan out the back with an internal 80mm radiator but considering previous reviews, I'm concerned that it won't cope with the heat.

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