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Cooling Cooling a room

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Timdog, 20 Sep 2003.

  1. Timdog

    Timdog What's a Dremel?

    7 Sep 2003
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    I want to see if I can bring down the temperature in my room a little bit. I have central AC in the house. It is set at 72 F and it works, but my room still gets warm because of the computers especially after I have been gaming for a few hours. I have two vents that bring in cool air and one that takes the hot air out. I also have two box fans and I was wondering if I could use these to cool the room down more?

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  2. jafb2000

    jafb2000 What's a Dremel?

    3 Jun 2003
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    With A/C, there are booster inline ducts made for such purposes.

    However, there are some simple things you can do:
    o Power off CRT monitors when not in use
    ---- eg, don't run overnight
    o Deal with solar gain
    ---- more dependent on which way your window faces
    ---- however a simple roller window blind can help considerably
    o You have 2 cool-air intake & 1 hot-air exhaust
    ---- depending on design it could be the exhaust that is restrictive

    However, before you go sticking fans on your exhaust intake...
    o They need to be higher cfm than that already moving thro it
    o PC fans are terrible at static pressure - ie, moving air thro ducts

    Thus PC fans are not a particularly good solution here.
    That is unless your hot-air duct out is 6" to free air (I doubt it).

    If machines are not used intensely, it can be worth using a
    power-saving program - for laptops there is "Rain". I can't
    recall if a similar program exists for desktop CPUs - suspect
    it does since CPU-throttling is not just mobile specific.

    Hotter rooms reduce your cooling system effectiveness thro
    reducing the temperature delta between heatsinks & air-temp.
    So reducing the room temperature has benefits to equipment.

    PC fans are not the same as A/C (duct) fans however :)
    A low-noise PC fan produces 0.1-0.2" of water-pressure, a good
    duct fan produces orders of magnitude greater pressures.

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