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Other Corona virus daily routine

Discussion in 'General' started by Pete J, 27 Mar 2020.

  1. KayinBlack

    KayinBlack Currently Rebuilding

    2 Jul 2004
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    Currently, mine is not much changed.
    1300-wake up in a fog
    1330-take handful of pills
    1430-1500 find laptop on floor, plug in mouse and keyboard
    1500 Reddit
    1530-1700 (time varies) GW2, consider making a new character for key farming
    0300-realize how long I've been playing and pass out

    Meal breaks are infrequent and varied. Not much food right now, people with more money bought it all up. Time ranges should be takes as occurs between, not it takes me that long.

    Quarantine isn't much different these days. Just more people online in game.
  2. Pete J

    Pete J Unemployed dole scum

    28 Sep 2009
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    In an effort to amuse myself, I've resorted to using different names during Webex calls. So far I've been:

    Pete 'Danger' J
    Pete Muthalovin J
    Boris Johnson (home)
    Freddie Mercury

    Tomorrow, I shall be known as 'Batman'.
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  3. MadGinga

    MadGinga oooh whats this do?

    19 Mar 2009
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    I would go with "The Batman"....
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  4. MLyons

    MLyons Half dev, Half doge. Staff Administrator Super Moderator Moderator

    3 Mar 2017
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    0900 wake
    0915 company call so we all know what is going on
    10:30 Only one in the office as hardware needs testing, servers need breaking and deliveries need taking
    19/2200 Go home anywhere from 7PM to 10PM. Depends on what we've got going on
    19/2230 Get home in about 30 minutes due to a road closure and either work if we're busy or game
    0200 Go to bed
  5. Risky

    Risky Well-Known Member

    10 Sep 2001
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    1. Try and sort out some funding from the bank to keep business afloat
    2. Drink
    3. Sleep

    hopefully this will change.....​
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  6. LennyRhys

    LennyRhys Oink!

    16 May 2011
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    My routine hasn't changed much at all, as I'm fortunate to be able to work from home without any adjustment to my hours.

    07:00 arise, get kids breakfast
    09:00 team meeting
    12:00 lunch (1 hour)
    15:50 sub team meeting
    16:50 team meeting
    17:00 arrivederci

    Kids usually in bed by 8pm, and we're usually in bed by 11pm. Rinse and repeat!
  7. suenstar

    suenstar Collector of Things

    13 Sep 2009
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    The routine hasn't changed dramatically, doing a few more hours of work in the evenings and the work I'm doing has changed (my job at the moment is 100% sorting out support for the local community during the crisis) but the core of the routine is mostly the same...

    Here's an outline of my day-to-day sequence:

    7:00 to 7:45 - Get up, get ready for work and travel if I'm based in the office for the day (my place of work switches between home and the main office each day at the moment).
    7:45 - Arrive at work and pick up answerphone messages (average of about 20-30 messages left overnight for the past 2 weeks).
    7:55 to 9:00 - Bit of data inputting and sorting who messages can be given to.
    9:00 to 9:30 - Video conference with the team.
    9:30 to 12:00 - Support panicked locals with ending flood of phone calls and emails asking for help.
    12:00 to 12:10 - Kick everyone out of the databases for 10 mins for some rest.
    12:10 to 13:00 - A little bit more of taking phone calls and helping people before lunch.
    13:00 to 13:30 - Lunch break.
    13:30 to 15:30 - More phone calls and emails from people in isolation needing help.
    15:30 to 15:40 - Another 10 minute database kick out for the team to make sure people breathe.
    15:40 to 16:20 - Picking up last few messages and preparing to go home.
    16:20 to 20:00 - Free time to have dinner, rest, chat with family and maintain my sanity.
    20:00 to 20:45 - Database maintenance, mail-outs to new contacts.
    20:45 to 21:00 - Do absolutely nothing, just chill.
    21:00 to 23:00 - Time for some gaming or Netflix and chatting to girlfriend before bed.
    23:00 to 7:00 - Attempt to sleep.

    Today is slightly different as I'm doing my evening database stuff at 19:00 so that I can play some online D&D tonight.
  8. Pete J

    Pete J Unemployed dole scum

    28 Sep 2009
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    This went down well. Especially as out of a group of about 10 people, I was the only one not using a camera (because I refuse to).
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  9. adidan

    adidan Guesswork is still work

    25 Mar 2009
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    May I suggest going by 'Your mum'
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  10. Pete J

    Pete J Unemployed dole scum

    28 Sep 2009
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    ...and that'll be the next one.
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  11. Byron C

    Byron C And now a word from our sponsor

    12 Apr 2002
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    Like many, my routine hasn't really changed that much. I've been able to work from home for about 6 or 7 years now, through various different jobs, so I was pretty well prepared for this:

    • 0600: snooze alarm for ~10 minutes
    • 0610: snooze alarm for another ~10 minutes
    • 0620-0650ish: ablutions - how long it takes depends on whether I'm having a shower or not
    • 0650ish-0710ish: feed the nagging cats, feed myself, make coffee
    • 0710-0730ish: usually dicking about on here; on Mondays I need to set my work laptop up because I switch it off and put it away on Friday afternoons (every other day it just stays on my desk)
    • 0730: work starts
    • somewhere between 0900 and 1030: more coffee
    • any time between 1130 and 1300 (depends on meetings): lunch break
    • somewhere between 1300 and 1400: more coffee
    • 1600: work done
    • 1600-1630ish: dicking about on here or social media
    • 1630ish-1700: feed cats, muck out the cat litter, vacuum floor downstairs (we use small-grain clumping litter and they track it around in their feet, you have to clean the litter and vacuum the floor every day or it gets... grim...)
    • 1700-1800ish: dinner, because it's always me cooking :rollingeyes:
    • 1800ish-~2230/2300ish: ????... Whatever you'd normally do with your evenings: watch TV, vidya games, maybe the odd personal project or some proof-of-concept-type stuff for work
    • somewhere between 2230 and 2300: bedtime. I usually read for a little while before passing out. Usually I'm struggling to keep my eyes open by 2310/2315. The 'sunset' routine for the Hue bulbs kicks in at 2300, it doesn't usually take long before struggling to keep my eyes open and dropping the kindle on my forehead.
    Obviously that's not a fixed schedule... like right now for example I'm totally procrastinating and haven't grabbed my work laptop yet. I suppose I better get on with it...
  12. Pete J

    Pete J Unemployed dole scum

    28 Sep 2009
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    Don't worry, you're far from alone! My work colleague and I agreed that our workday sometimes went on later than normal to make up for too much procrastination.
  13. Mr_Mistoffelees

    Mr_Mistoffelees The Cat Lies Down on Broadway

    26 Aug 2014
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    Procrastination, now there's something I'm a master of.
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  14. David

    David Take my advice — I’m not using it.

    7 Apr 2009
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    07.00 - get woken up by Alyson's hairdryer
    07.15 - shower/dressing and a brew
    07.40 - deploy smugface as Alyson prepares to leave for work
    07.40:10 - duck!
    07.45 - take the pooch for some air
    08.30 - brekky and a brew
    09.00 - "work" - check/respond to emails, sift through mountains of moron dross in the management team WhatsApp group, looking for any instructions or pertinent info from area manager; but mainly surf youtube and tinker with my server/PCs/3D printer etc..
    16.00 - treadmill
    16.45 - crawl into bathroom for a shower
    17.00 - make dinner
    18.00 - take a well deserved rest from all the hard work to surf youtube and tinker with my server/PCs etc..
    20.00 - read a book
    21.00 - Movie time, providing she isn't watching some soap or reality trash
    23.00 to ??? - "five minutes" in front of pooter
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  15. Xir

    Xir Well-Known Member

    26 Apr 2006
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    In Germany, well Germany, beeing a federation instead of a country, we're divided in "Countries".
    In my country (Saxony) we are not allowed to leave the house, unless for "valid reason".

    One of the first explicitly mentioned "valid reasons" is going to work. (no matter how unnecessary it may be)
    So those not working in closed shops or schools or government offices, are going to work like normal. :rollingeyes:
  16. BentAnat

    BentAnat Software Dev

    26 Jun 2008
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    Pretty normal, honestly. More work, less driving. More time for tea and quick 5 minute chats with the missus.
    04:30 - inevitably can't sleep anymore. Get up, do an hour or so of news and email reading (even answering emails is a thing in this time).
    05:30 - normal morning bathroom routine, feed the animals, put on a pot of coffee.
    06:00 - Have coffee, do an hour or so of uni reading.
    07:00 - first meetings start. Goes on for a few hours.
    11:00 - spot of food, cup of tea with the wife. Then back into meetings.
    15:00 - work quiet down, I go into "maintenance mode" - meaning I sit and chat with the missus, and answer any emails/chats from the phone, rather than the laptop.
    19:00 or so - something Netflix, or maybe a round for games.
    22:00 - Bed time, but alas, some jack*** wants something, and is still texting like a nutter. Once that's resolved, bed time.
  17. Vault-Tec

    Vault-Tec Green Plastic Watering Can

    30 Aug 2015
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    Starting to tick over into Spring mode. I think the bikes will be coming out soon (to restore).
  18. yodasarmpit

    yodasarmpit No longer the other Brett.

    27 May 2002
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    Now in week 4 of:

    8:00 Get up, brush teeth, jump in shower
    8:15 Get dressed, jeans and t-shirt
    8:20 Commute downstairs, make cup of coffee
    8:25 Switch on work laptop and sign in, set up wife's laptop on kitchen table (she's working from home too)
    8:30 Read emails, and start to prep for some daily reporting
    9:00 Daily team conference call
    9:30 On with work and various other calls
    12:30 ish Grab a bite to eat
    13:00 Find myself back at my desk more work and calls
    15:00 Team conference call and quiz
    15:30 More work and calls
    17:00 ish Switch off laptop and commute all the way to the kitchen

    After that, prep dinner for later, maybe watch some TV, get things done around the house or garden, play some xbox


    Then comes the weekend - same as above without the work (well, taking turns each in the team to run a couple of reports on a Saturday and Sunday during this period)
  19. VipersGratitude

    VipersGratitude Well-Known Member

    4 Mar 2008
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  20. satisfiedwimp

    satisfiedwimp New Member

    21 Nov 2017
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    Same routine except that we're a having a hard time going out to buy something especially food which most of the time run out of stock

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