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News Corsair announces two new PSUs

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Tim S, 17 Oct 2007.

  1. MalazanEmpire

    MalazanEmpire What's a Dremel?

    17 Oct 2007
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    "I don't have those numbers in my head, but if you’re interested I can check with him,(think he saved the findings) and then get back to you. That aside, please note that his system is not overclocked nor have he tried to overclock it as far as I know. (failed to mentioned that in my prior post). That said, would actually be interesting to see how the PSU would handle overklocking the system."


    Yeah, the system i refered to earlier in the thread had a OC'ed Quad, (3.2G) and 4 GIG of RAM, and he had the idea of running XFIRE 2900XTS too. There was no way i was going to tell him the Corsair would handle that, as i have my doubts.

    Also, if he's a heavy gamer, who plays for long sessions, and often, i don't think even the Corsair would last long powering that system.

    Yeah, i'd be interested to know, i don't believe that measuring draw is an exact science, But still.


    Not for me, I'm not an avid overklocker with a rig looking like a christmas tree in need of a big e-penis (I can't see how that amount of wattage would ever be needed)


    Me neither, there's no such thing as too much power though, and if i got a real bargain i would buy something that large. You are much better off buying QUALITY built PSU's with less wattage......It's all about stability, and the 12V rail(s) anyway.
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