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PSU Corsair AX vs OCZ ZX

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by xXReiichiXx, 2 Oct 2011.

  1. xXReiichiXx

    xXReiichiXx What's a Dremel?

    2 Oct 2011
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    I want to buy a very good PSU that I could use for years, but there are so many of them...
    Corsair AX850 is maybe the best 850W PSU out there (from what I heard), but I have the opportunity to buy a OCZ ZX 1000W (both 80+ Gold) at the same price of the AX850, so now I am very undecided between these two. If the OCZ ZX 1000W is at the same quality of the AX850, I will definitely buy the OCZ because it's 150W more for free of the same quality (well, I really don't need more then 700W, but maybe in the future I will, so I want to not by another PSU for a long time), so I am writing here because I don't know which is better, I saw many reviews that put one above another... Corsair have a very good reputation, but OCZ seems to be getting better and better these times, so without an analysis of these 2 particular models, it's hard to recommend one just for the company name.
    Corsair AX have great reviews all over the web, but for example, jonnyGURU gives a great 9.5 to the OCZ ZX 1000W, and a 9 to the AX850... I am very confused :(

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