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Reviews Corsair K57 RGB Wireless Keyboard Review

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by bit-tech, 27 Feb 2020.

  1. bit-tech

    bit-tech Supreme Overlord Staff Administrator

    12 Mar 2001
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  2. The_Crapman

    The_Crapman Don't phone it's just for fun.

    5 Dec 2011
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    Fairly surprised at the price of this considering the body construction and that it's not mechanical, even accounting for Corsair tax and RGB levy. Dropping the price would have made it a good entry level board for first timers and a way to pull people into their ecosystem.

    If you don't want the mouse mat I'd give it a good home :grin: When gaming at a desk i like to strectch my arms out and lean back sometimes, so being able to push my mouse and keyboard forward and not have to rearrange my mat would be a godsend.
  3. gosh

    gosh Member

    20 Oct 2009
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    wouldn't mind a wireless keyboard if the tech is there and willing to pay a wee premium, but £90 for smushy dome keyboard is quite the ask plus who is this aimed at if it's too large to move away from desk (and in what world does 30foot range matter ?).
    Also don't see why bloomin' everything needs RGB too - basic 3 colour options backlight is great but i'll stick with that and let others fork out an extra £50 on something you can light up like a programmable christmas tree.
  4. Nikumba

    Nikumba Member

    29 Aug 2001
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    I have this keyboard and think its great. Battery is good on it, and RGB is nice at night, though have my setup on a static colour.

    I don't have any issues with it being dome keyboard to be honest, I find it fine in games I play
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