News Corsair's majority shares acquired by EagleTree Capital

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by bit-tech, 27 Jul 2017.

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  2. Locknload

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    Absolutely everything i have bought from Corsair, (over the years) has been of exceptional quality.
    Long may it continue.
  3. Paradigm Shifter

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    10 May 2006
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    I used to swear by Corsair RAM... it was the only stuff I would buy. I loved my Corsair DDR Pro RAM (the ones with the LED ranks on the top showing RAM usage) - they were amazing. I had a couple of bad sets in a row of DDR3, which put me off; now I just buy whatever is cheapest that fits my requirements. Used to like their PSUs... had superb warranty support from Corsair when a PSU went pop about after about four years of use, but of 30 PSUs (of varying models) I purchased at work, 6 failed within a year. Not my money, but the downtime was a colossal pain because I could never convince admin that keeping emergency spares was sound strategy. I still have a working first-gen H70, and an H110i that is an absolute trooper, but I had an H90 turn up DOA, its replacement had the pump die inside two months and I flat out returned the third one without opening it for a refund and went back to air cooling since I finally realised I could fit a Noctua D15 in the case after all.

    I used to really like Corsair - I would go out of my way to buy their kit, which is a rarity for someone with usually no brand loyalty whatsoever - but I can't help but feel that their overall quality has... become inconsistent in the last few years.
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    After having two RM series PSU's pop within weeks (both client builds), one H100 die in minutes and a H100i DOA - I'd go so far as to say their products suck and their quality of product and quality control is non existent in recent years.
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  5. David

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    I won't be buying Corsair any more - the whole "reduce quality and add RGB" trip they are on has killed their credibility IMO.
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