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Cooling Cougar Fans

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Lord-Vale3, 6 Dec 2011.

  1. Lord-Vale3

    Lord-Vale3 His Tremendousness

    1 Dec 2009
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    I've been searching around for good fans for a while, been trying to find the perfect balance between noise and performance.

    I've already looked up on Scythe fans and a lot of good stuff mentioned on this site aren't available in the US *looking at you BeQuiet!*

    Just found these but had never heard of them before. Cougar makes some pretty big claims, good airflow for silent operation. Just wondering if anybody here as any experience with them.
  2. Angel OD

    Angel OD Pump Killer

    16 Sep 2007
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    I'm a cougar fan! :naughty: (sorry, couldn't help myself!) :lol:
  3. LennyRhys

    LennyRhys Oink!

    16 May 2011
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    65 CFM at 17.5dB is utter BS... and they aren't the first company to make ridiculous claims like that. For starters, 20-25dB from a fan is extremely quiet... if a fan really was measured at 17.5dB it would be totally imperceptible, given how far we sit from our PCs.

    I'm not knocking the quality of Cougar fans or indeed the effort they put in, but no 120mm fan can (or will) be able to move anywhere close to 65 CFM below 20dB since the air movement alone will make more noise than that, lol.

    I suspect that the "real" airflow is closer to 30 CFM and the "real" sound level is about 25-30dB.

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