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Cooling CPU cooler fan speeds

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Whindog, 24 Apr 2011.

  1. Whindog

    Whindog New Member

    16 Sep 2010
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    Hi all,

    Quick one, Iv got a new sandy bridge system and Im using a thermaltake jing CPU cooler.

    Iv attached the Intake of the coller to the CPU cooler connector on the mobo, and Iv attached the exhaust to the chassis fan 1 connector.

    Using the asus fan sensor tool, im seeing that the intake fan is at 1300rpm, and the exhaust is at 850rpm. Both pots (speed controllers) have been set to allow max fan speed.

    Is this gonna create an issue with the air circulation? And if I change the connector of the exhaust to power is that gonna make a diff? Im confused as to y the rpm is limited being on the chasis fan connector.

    My current cooling is quite good, never goin over 40deg celsius with a 4.3ghz O/C. I want to make sure that this isnt a big issue before I manually O/C it to 4.6-4.8Ghz.

    Thanks all.
  2. .//TuNdRa

    .//TuNdRa Resident Bulldozer Guru

    12 Feb 2011
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    Rummage around the BIOS, there should be an option to disable Qfan, or whatever Asus chooses to call it. With Potentiometers on the fans themselves: You just want full power going to the connectors, that way you can tweak it at will.

    Failing that: See if you can't set the 100% fanspeed temperature to something like 20 degrees centigrade, that'll ensure that there's always full power going to the fan so long as the system is active, so the Pots will do what they're supposed to.

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