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Rant Credit card companies are sneaky little devils

Discussion in 'General' started by outlawaol, 21 Jul 2008.

  1. outlawaol

    outlawaol Geeked since 1982

    18 Jul 2007
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    So, my CC company has this utterly retarded "processing time" for their payments. Up to three days! That means if I pay on the day its due I get a late fee anyway, days later tacked on after the payment was received. The fee isnt pleasant either, $34! I am going to call them and complain like a horse stuck in a ditch. :miffed:

    I mean how does it take that long to process? Its a friggen electronic transaction! This just really pisses me off as they take advantage of the customer, they should just say pay on XX day to make it to XX day. :wallbash:


    Anyone else get pissed at the "companies" because of underhanded tactics? By the way, my old CC changed hands to this new one, and so far I am not impressed with them. My old one would apply the payment the day it was submitted.
  2. ArtificialHero

    ArtificialHero We were just punking him sir!

    25 May 2004
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    Meh. This happened to me when i first started using credit cards (not suggesting you're a n00b or anything), to be honest after the first time not being organised cost me 15 quid or so I just paid it as soon as the bill came in. I've been meaning to set up a direct debit to pay the bill for me, but I probably won't get round to it until I get charged for another late payment. :p
  3. RTT

    RTT #parp

    12 Mar 2001
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    I don't see how this is underhanded? If payment is due on date X, then you must get it to them by that date. Here in the UK it takes 3 working days for payments to be made* - entered into the system on the first day, processed on the second and cleared on the third, it's called BACS. I assume it's a similar system in the US.

    * although it is changing
  4. Solidus

    Solidus Superhuman

    26 Dec 2005
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    working in a banking environment, I have to say many people don't ever read the terms or conditions or ask questions regarding such things. I also am surprised your charged as credits to your cards usually clear for INTEREST purposes only but show up in 3 working days. If it's that big an issue I would create a direct debit for It as mentioned and that way you don't have to worry about it- it's what iv done- i'v never paid any fee's and all it took was a bit of initiative.
  5. cpemma

    cpemma Ecky thump

    27 Nov 2001
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    My statement shows the last date to post and the last date to pay over the counter as well as the "due" date, and I know from occasional late payments that I'm usually given an extra day or two's grace before interest is applied. Nothing sneaky - I curse myself for missing the payment, not the CC company. :duh:
  6. Daniel114

    Daniel114 What's a Dremel?

    9 Sep 2007
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    I agree that they are devious little s***s. Recently I finished paying back a collection agency (on a student loan initiated whilst I was still a student) and accidentally overpaid them after they had quoted me, not taking into account a previous payment I had made. So realising what had happened I had to..

    1. wait 3 days for the payment to clear from my bank to theres, not a problem accept this
    2 wait over 2 weeks 'processing time' for them to... well do whatever they do before I can start reclaiming proceedures
    3. start reclaiming from them, for them to tell me that there going to post a cheque in a further 2 weeks from that date

    Any legal eagles out there know at which point I can send the bailiffs round?

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