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Discussion in 'General' started by MLyons, 6 Dec 2017.

  1. Zoon

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    12 Mar 2001
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    I saw RLC drop to 78pence and then return back up to 1.10. Some whales made a pile of money today.
  2. Evolutionsic

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    1 Feb 2010
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    Thanks!, We've just released an open source GPU miner but it currently uses Cuda which is limited to Nvidia cards and Linux some of the community are currently porting it to windows and hopefully AMD (opencl) later.

    The major problem I have with the pool atm is it's like the chicken and egg situation unless I get a lot of people in the pool we aren't going to solve blocks and if we aren't solving blocks the pool doesn't update everyone's credit so i do need quite a bit of power at the pool. Unfortunately, I have all AMD cards so I can't even direct power at the pool yet lol, I guess as the 0xbitcoin project grows people should/will choose alternative pools rather than the 2 big main ones which currently have around 500 people on each.

    If you want to find out more about 0xbitcoin and what makes it so special please visit https://0xbitcoin.org/

    Here are a couple interesting Medium articles
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  3. Hamfunk

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    10 Nov 2009
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    Well i'm guessing everyone here is on Crypto-lockdown since its a sea of red and generally things have been all over the place this last couple of months!

    Anyone getting anything in the sales?
  4. Wakka

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    23 Feb 2017
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    Yeah - definitely in "don't look and it isn't real" mode haha.

    But I am still more than confident this will be a good year for Crypto in general. A lot of work going on to clamp down on the scam coins, banning of adverts means people will actually have to do a bit of research before investing, the "I mortgaged my house to buy bitcoin, now I live in a box" horror stories are all but extinct, we're getting closer and closer to fixes for scaling problems and working dapps etc.

    I bought a little more ETH on the way down, just to lower my average buy-in, but;

    A) After spending £2k+ on bike parts I can't really make use of the dip
    B) I really don't know how low it's all going to go.

    I suspect there will be a few more weeks of gradual climbs, followed by severe sell-offs, then some big news will hit and the market will make a distinct u-turn and go full bull mode again.
  5. modd1uk

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    4 Sep 2006
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    I think the announcement of barclays accepting coinbase lark will help crypto, hopefully the other banks follow suit and it takes a bit of taboo away from crypto in general.
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