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Electronics Custom extension

Discussion in 'Modding' started by jamsand, 12 Feb 2015.

  1. jamsand

    jamsand Well-Known Member

    21 May 2011
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    Hey guys I've got the sleeving part down what I'm not sure about is what wire to buy when making a 24-pin extension. I know I'll need a male and female 24-pin but recommended cable lengths just to go from the back of the case round to the front would be nice. The build is in a fractal R3.
  2. Meelobee

    Meelobee New Member

    5 Nov 2003
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    Which pins you need depends on the PSU you have, some modular ones use female pins on both ends of the wiring.
    Most used wire is 18AWG. Cable lenght you'll have to measure as it's different depending on your hardware/layout.

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