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Gaming Dark Souls III Review

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Combatus, 7 Apr 2016.

  1. Combatus

    Combatus Bit-tech Modding + hardware reviews Lover of bit-tech Super Moderator

    16 Feb 2009
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  2. Aterius Gmork

    Aterius Gmork smell the ashes

    25 Sep 2007
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    How is the performance? Can you post the specs of the system you ran the game on? Can I run it on medium at 60 fps on a 770 GTX?

    If you have covered that already - sorry! I havn't read past the spoiler-tastic Firelink Shrine paragraph.

    Edit: This comment sounds really impolite. Sorry about that, it really was not intended that way. However I feel it's the little moments of seeing something great and eerie - like the Firelink Shrine - for the first time without knowing what to expect that make the Souls games great. When Dark Souls 2 came out I remember a reviewer stating his disappointment in the Ancient Dragon fight.
    There is none. Knowing this killed the whole area for me.
    So I am trying to avoid every spoiler I can.

    I guess what I am trying to say is: I want to know if I can run DS3 without reading about the game.
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  3. Spigsy

    Spigsy What's a Dremel?

    28 Sep 2009
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    From looking on Youtube I see a chap with an i5 and 770 getting around 50-60fps on high, so you should be fine, barring the fps drops widely reported around one of the later stages.

    Personally, I've only just got around to DS1!
  4. somidiot

    somidiot Minimodder

    18 Aug 2009
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    do a google search for "dark souls 3 benchmark" and that should clear out much of the reviews. First link that came up for me was a reddit post that didn't say much about the game but had several benchmarks at various resolutions.
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