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Dead Rising HD Trailer

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by DivineSin, 1 Aug 2006.

  1. DivineSin

    DivineSin What's a Dremel?

    23 Apr 2004
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    This game looks so good I will probably -have- to buy an xbox 360 for it. Check out the trailer. Apparently you can even find a full Megaman costume to wear. I can just imagine all the other unlockables in the game. What do you guys think of it?
  2. Guest-16

    Guest-16 Guest

    5 seconds in and "this game contains scenes of violence.."

    Im already buying it.

    edit: oh look, it's max payne..

    that. looks. awesome.
  3. DivineSin

    DivineSin What's a Dremel?

    23 Apr 2004
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    After reading up on the gamefaqs message board I found a few things. I think they are real but they are on gamefaqs. :hehe:

    Weapons List

    -Lawn trimmers
    -Baseball bats (wood and metal)
    -Garbage cans
    -Frying pans
    -Shower heads
    -Those weird lego head things
    -Hedge Trimmers (like giant scissors)
    -Electric Guitars (flying V, lespaul '60's it looks, fender stratocaster)
    -All sorts of knives (duh)
    -Double egdged straight sword
    -Firefighter axe (one sided blade)
    -Battleaxe (double sided blade)
    -M-16 or M4, there's some debate.
    -Pistols (looks like a colt1911, glock18, p22
    -Rifles (like bolt action, snipers)
    -Submachine guns
    -Teddy bears
    -Claymores (longer version of a double edged straight sword)
    -Hockey sticks
    -Soccer balls
    -Tables (i think)
    -Other bodies
    -Pies (blind 'em)
    -All sorts of foods
    -Poles (wooden and metal it seems)
    -Potted plants (ferns, cactuses, etc...)
    -Fire extinguisher
    -Plates (like for eating)
    -Run zombies over with skateboards
    -Big punching gloves (Sok 'em Bok 'em style)
    -Mega Man Blaster Gun or something...
    -Bowling balls
    -MATTOCK (you might think its a pickaxe but trust me, ive done yardwork. one side looks like the backside of a hammer, its a wedge without the spacing, and theres a thing narrow side that looks like a pickax's.)
    -Mops/Brooms of course!
    -Golf clubs and golf balls
    -Giant gumball machine
    -Some manican (a dummy that wears clothes and is put in shop windows)
    -Toy Lightsaber

    Some Game Features

    No Multipalyer

    Time depends if you do missions or not. the more missions you do the more time you have.

    50 acheivements. 20 points each.

    Free Play is unlockable


    kill 1000 zombies with your bare hands

    kill 10,00 zombies

    end acheivements

    X360 only.

    there are no ragdoll physics

    there is a rumor of a videogame store which you can probally play some Capcom classics

    this game is capable of showing 1000 zombies

    You can change your clothes in the game.

    There are 10 different endings depending on your actions

    there are vehicles in the game (morticycles, bicycles, jeeps, convertibles)

    there is a rumor of a movie theater where you can see trailers and such for capcoms upcoming games.

    You earn prestiege points (PP) by taking pictures,doing missions, and killing zombies. PP are like experince in RPG's you gain levels or moves by using them.

    There are two wings of the mall and a courtyard. To unlock extra areas you must do missions.

    Also this game is free roaming so you don't have to do anything or you could do everything it is up to you. (I've also heard that capcom might of changed this and you do have to complete missions to progress).

    Some of the Achievements.

    # Zombie Hunter: Defeat at least 1,000 zombies.
    # Zombie Killer: Deafeat at least 10,000 zombies
    # Zombie Genocider: Defeat at least 53,594 zombies.
    # Self Defense: Defeat at least 1 psychopath.
    # Peace Keeper: Defeat at least 5 psychopaths.
    # Punisher: Defeat at least 10 psychopaths.
    # Legendary Soldier: ???
    # Hella Copter: ???
    # Tour Guide: Escort 8 survivors at once.
    # Frank the Pimp: Simultaneously escort 8 female survivors.
    # Full Set: Collect all the portraits in the NOTEBOOK.
    # Humanist: Get at least 10 survivors out of the mall.
    # Life Saver: Get at least 20 survivors out of the mall.
    # Saint: Get at least 50 survivors out of the mall.
    # Strike!: Send at least 10 zombies flying with bowling balls.
    # Costume Party: Place novelty masks on at least 10 zombies.
    # Raining Zombies: Knock at least 30 zombies aside with a parasol.
    # Gourmet: Eat all types of food available in the mall.
    # Item Smasher: Break at least 100 items.
    # Bullet Point: Fire at least 1,000 bullets.
    # Perfect Gunner: Don't miss with a machine gun.
    # Photojournalist: Score at least 1,500 PP from a single photo.
    # The Artiste: Score at least 3,000 PP from a single photo.
    # Group Photo: Get 50 Target Markers with the camera.
    # Portraiture: Photograph at least 10 survivors.
    # Census Taker: Photograph at least 50 survivors.
    # Psycho Photo: Photograph at least 4 psychopaths.
    # Psycho Collector: Photograph at least 10 psychopaths.
    # PP Collector: Photograph all PP stickers.
    # Snuff Shot B: ???
    # Snuff Shot J: ???
    # Transmissionary: Answer all calls from Otis.
    # Indoorsman: Spend at least 24 hours indoors.
    # Outdoorsman: Spend at least 24 hours outdoors.
    # Freefall: Drop from a height of at least 16 feet (5 meters).
    # Marathon Runner: Cover a distance of 26.2 miles (42.195 km).
    # Carjacker: Steal the convicts' vehicle.
    # Stunt Driver: Jump a car at least 33 feet (10 meters).
    # Stunt Rider: Jump a motorcycle at least 33 feet (10 meters).
    # Zombie Road: Walk over 33 (10 meets) on the back of zombies using the Zombie Ride.
    # Karate Chop: Defeat at least 1,000 zombies barehanded.
    # Sharp Dresser: Change into at least 20 different costumes.
    # Clothes Horse: Change into all costumes available in the mall.
    # Level Max: Reach Lv. 50.
    # Unbreakable: Get the true ending without being knocked out.
    # Overtime Mode: Unveil all CASES and be at the heliport at noon.
    # ? Mode: Get the true ending.
    # 3 Day Survivor: Survive for at least 72 hours.
    # 5 Day Survivor: Survive for at least 5 days.
    # 7 Day Survivor: Survive for at least 7 days.

    This game easilly warrants the buying of a x360. Probably the first game that has caught my attention aside from gears of war.
  4. DougEdey

    DougEdey I pwn all your storage

    5 Jul 2005
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    Jesus H. Thats one mahussive game.

    Tho how can you kill a zombie with a teddy bear?
  5. kenco_uk

    kenco_uk I unsuccessfully then tried again

    28 Nov 2003
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    Depends if it's a teddy bear loaded with explosive stuffing.

    Looks good, though. It's got me thinking about whether or not to sell my x360.
  6. will.

    will. A motorbike of jealousy!

    2 Mar 2005
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    sell it to me for a fiver so i can play this game!!! Goawn, you know you want to ;)


    ok, i have to be honest there.. I wrote that while crappy media player was still buffering... Now, i really am wanting an xbox.. that looks so freaking awesome! Wow! I want one!
  7. fathom17

    fathom17 What's a Dremel?

    20 Sep 2005
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    We've got the demo downloading now in the office :)
  8. Veles

    Veles DUR HUR

    18 Nov 2005
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    Holy frikkin crap!

    This game just looks like insane amounts of fun, any reviews of it anywhere yet? I may have to get a 360 for this.

    QFT. The lineup for 360 only titles has been pretty poor, but finally after around half a year we're starting to see the really good 'AAA' titles emerge.

    I wanted a 360 when it came out, but I really couldn't justify buying one when the only games I really wanted to play (that I couldn't run on my PC like Oblivion) were the 360 arcade games. This one looks like the first game I might consider buying a 360 for, there are also some awesome titles on the way like Gears of War and Mass Effect. I think, if the reviews are good, I may buy a 360 premium when my student load comes in (god bless student loans, if only you didn't have to pay them back:p).
    Last edited: 4 Aug 2006
  9. themax

    themax What's a Dremel?

    2 Dec 2005
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    Yeah Dead Rising is look good. I can't wait to get it. Looks like 360 is finally coming out of it's release drought.
  10. [<x>] Kiyusoma

    [<x>] Kiyusoma Deus Ex Machina

    16 Jun 2004
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    the attack with the rototiller is awesome!
  11. themax

    themax What's a Dremel?

    2 Dec 2005
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    Picked up the game today and I absolutely love it. So far I've used the lawn mower and It felt great lol. Trying to keep some of these survivors alive is troublesome though, but I try.
  12. Tibby

    Tibby Back Once Again

    9 Oct 2005
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    Got the demo and it is fricking ace.

    Tip to anyone with the demo: FIND THE KATANA!!!!

    THe katan cuts the zombies into like diagonal slices and stuff, is fricking ace.

    Shame we have to wait until september for it in the UK :(

    I also like how the zombies get stronger at night.

    And how you get "Erotic" points for taking pics of zombies boobs and upskirts :p
  13. themax

    themax What's a Dremel?

    2 Dec 2005
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    I haven't got very far but I have been told that Jessie is a goldmine for points when taking Erotic photos of her.
  14. mookboy

    mookboy BRAAAAAAP

    15 Feb 2002
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    Downloaded the demo. Played it for 30 secs or so. Turned it off again.

    Not because it was crappy, but because it was immediately obvious how amazing this game will be and I didn't want to spoil it for myself. Perfectly captures a mix of the old Romero movies and the newer survival horror genres - beautiful graphics, great effects, loads of neat touches, and a great HUD. Only lacks a truly comprehensive physics engine.

    Clubbing zombies with a till full of money, blasting a path through a horde coming through a shop door with a shotgun, using a sledgehammer on them... awesome.

    I cannot wait for this to arrive.
  15. Sanescience

    Sanescience What's a Dremel?

    4 Apr 2006
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    Anyone confirm text problem?

    A reviewer posted that the game is great if you have a HD TV but if you don't the text can be illegible and you have to pay attention to the text to get through the game. Anyone confirm this?

  16. automagsrock

    automagsrock What's a Dremel?

    18 Nov 2004
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    I am buying a 360 just for this game. I don't know when, but I am.

    Ok I lied, and for a few other games as well :D
  17. Spacecowboy92

    Spacecowboy92 Gettin' Lazy

    10 Apr 2006
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    Sold! The saving starts today!
    Last edited: 3 Sep 2006
  18. xaero7

    xaero7 What's a Dremel?

    13 Sep 2006
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    This game's concept makes me giggle inside. You're stuck in a mall, filled with zombies. I don't know, but the fact that you can beat zombie's heads open in the diaper aisle is kind of funny to me. Clean up in aisle 5?

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