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News Design bit-tech's new site skin competition

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Combatus, 31 Jul 2015.

  1. xeem

    xeem What's a Dremel?

    13 May 2011
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    It's more than just a background, it's a website skin. Like I said, don't want to spoil the fun, just warn of the repercussions. Have seen places start with smaller things then see that it works and want their logo changed etc.

    Web design work like this would usually cost thousands. What is being offered here is nothing, so you can see the appeal to bitTech.

    Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against bitTech in general, just pointing out what they may not have considered.
  2. E1TSY

    E1TSY A cog in the bit-tech machine

    14 Feb 2012
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    Hi xeem, just to let you know that we understand your concerns. As you see from my post count, i tend to keep my nose out of day to day stuff on here, however, i felt that you deserved an answer from somebody within the business.

    I can let you into a little secret and say that within the business we have 5 high level graphics designers that have created (internally) and could naturally put something together for the site.
    We made the decision to open this up to everyone in order to give yourselves the opportunity to have some input into the site and how it looks.
    Its a refresh that IMHO would be great and why not give the users of the site the opportunity to contribute?

    Just thought i would give some input as i do not want anybody to feel that we are after "Cheap Design Labour" :D
  3. ZeDestructor

    ZeDestructor Minimodder

    24 Feb 2010
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    They're similarly bad on average. For most, I can comfortably enjoy them at 100% zoom, but bit-tech is pretty nasty by being so small and effectively forces me into 120% zoom level.

    BBC.co.uk: https://i.imgur.com/vQ18KTN.png
    Guru3D: https://i.imgur.com/Kn9uGHo.png
    AnandTech: https://i.imgur.com/ToKxwmM.png
    The Verge: https://i.imgur.com/pP7T29M.png
    Reddit: https://i.imgur.com/eQqQ1Cx.png

    Yes, but space is not really something I lack given I have this pretty awesome triple-screen setup: https://i.imgur.com/1n0u4hW.png
  4. Cheapskate

    Cheapskate Insane? or just stupid?

    13 May 2007
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    Well, that counts me out.
  5. LennyRhys

    LennyRhys Oink!

    16 May 2011
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    Perhaps, but that's not what is happening here. Giving community members the "opportunity to have some input into the site and how it looks" is vastly different from actually having a [competition winning] community member design the skin for you. I was recently paid to do an illustration for a magazine cover; I wasn't merely given the opportunity to have some input into how the cover might look.

    So in a nutshell, although your intentions here may be innocent and well-meaning, free design labour is precisely what you are asking for. IMO if you really want forum members to feel like they are part of a community that values their contribution in this way, give them something in return for what you are asking - some hardware, or a magazine subscription etc.

    I am entirely in agreement with xeem about the nature of this competition, probably because I've also worked in graphic design and know how much this sort of competition is frowned upon.

    FWIW I wouldn't have entered this competition because I won a recent design competition; but even if I hadn't won, I would still not enter this competition because I disagree with it in principle. If xeem is right and BT didn't consider this angle, I think they should promptly regroup and actually offer their forum community "full of talented designers" something in return for giving them a new skin.

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