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Multi Destiny 2

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Hex, 23 Mar 2017.

  1. oscy

    oscy Modder

    22 Sep 2011
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    I got back into how things work and now I'm carrying teams in Gambit again. :hehe: Even without that weird overpowered class that seems to be in Beyond Light where you can insta-freeze everyone (not bought it yet).

    I played one game of Crucible and everyone was freezing each other. I used to play it a little but there's no chance now!

    All I needs is Riskrunner and a sword in Gambit and I'm good!
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  2. xaser04

    xaser04 Ba Ba Ba BANANA!

    27 Jun 2008
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    Got back into this after a prolonged hiatus just before the new season starts. Grinding to get to rank 100 and completing the various quests I had on the backburner.

    Had some decent fun despite all of the games many (content) flaws. Beating the Harbinger quest at 1230 PL (its 1270 so I was massively under levelled) was quite a nice feeling. Finally did the Prophecy dungeon despite the game trying its best to screw us over.

    Still want to do DSC but only have 2-3 people online at any one point. Not sure I want to deal with LFG after some horrendous experiences in D1..
  3. damien c

    damien c Mad FPS Gamer

    31 Aug 2010
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    Stupidly happy VOG is back!

    Ran it 3 times now and got all the weapons except for the Vex Mythoclast, even got 2 or 3 not quite God Roll's but good enough.

    I really want them to bring back King's Fall now but I don't know if they will because they cannot really add champions to it unless they make Taken Champions and also I don' think they will be able to change it to much to make it worth it.

    I don't like the new mechanics in VOG though, I think they should have left the Oracles as they were and not added them to the Atheon fight as it just makes it to easy to wipe when using LFG as they all seem to do each section differently.
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