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News Destiny becomes most pre-ordered new IP in history

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Gareth Halfacree, 9 Sep 2014.

  1. Gareth Halfacree

    Gareth Halfacree WIIGII! Lover of bit-tech Administrator Super Moderator Moderator

    4 Dec 2007
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  2. samkiller42

    samkiller42 For i AM Cheesecake!!

    25 Apr 2006
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    I'm really enjoying the game, and the ability to Pre-order and pre-load onto Xbox One was fantastic, It did unlock roughly on time this morning, but i've encountered some issues while playing. Worked fine before i went to bed, but after, i had no audio at all, It finally kicked in after 5 mins or so, And the most annoying this is being disconnected from the servers, as it kicks you all the way back to the log-in screen. Hopefully, this is just a temporary issue.

  3. Parge

    Parge the worst Super Moderator

    16 Jul 2010
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    ... mainly because they've spent $200m or whatever on marketing/hyping it up.

    Played the beta on my mates PS4. Its fairly run of the mill if you ask me!
  4. Harlequin

    Harlequin Modder

    4 Jun 2004
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    played this on the xbox one - really enjoying it tbh , glad I didn't bother with the xbox 360 version , its a different `world` to look at!
  5. Maki role

    Maki role Dale you're on a roll... Lover of bit-tech

    9 Jan 2012
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    Never cared about Destiny and I never will. The way Bungie dropped Halo on it's head before leaving was unforgivable for me. It's not that they wanted to work on a new IP that irks me, that's very understandable and makes sense. It's that they used Halo: Reach as some sort of alpha concept test for Destiny, simultaneously butchering the story and existing canon along with the competitive side of the game. 343i wouldn't have had nearly as many problems with Halo 4 had Bungie not introduced so many rubbish mechanics to the game (armour abilities, loadouts, sprint etc).

    I doubt I'll be able to have faith in them again (especially after the Marty O'Donnel debacle) simply because I'll constantly worry that they'll treat their new IP the same way. Eventually they'll get bored of Destiny and move on, but will they kneecap the game again before they leave? They said Reach was their swan song, the way Halo always should have been. Destiny is the game "they always wanted to make" now, sounds eerily similar to me.
  6. Guinevere

    Guinevere Mega Mom

    8 May 2010
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    I know I've not really been paying attention, but what's so special about this one? Yeah I know I could go and wade through five gazillion hours of twitch streams but seriously peeps, there's a life to live!

    It looks like a polished FPS. The offspring lovechild from a 'Generic triple A FPS' hooking up with a 'Generic triple A MMORG'.

    Is that the hook? (If so that's okay, I like that hook!)

    So is the aim to play in big raids? Free for all? Teams? All of the above?
  7. damien c

    damien c Mad FPS Gamer

    31 Aug 2010
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    Disapointed there is no pc version but it's looking like I will get it at the weekend for my xbox one.
  8. David

    David μoʍ ɼouმ qᴉq λon ƨbԍuq ϝʁλᴉuმ ϝo ʁԍɑq ϝμᴉƨ

    7 Apr 2009
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    Just spent the last 30 minutes or so on the website, reading the blurb and clicking the links.

    Not feeling it, TBH. Then again, as it's console only, I doubt I'll have to endure much of the coverage and /or hype.
  9. ovnr

    ovnr What's a Dremel?

    7 May 2014
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    Yeah, to be honest Destiny has never interested me. 90% hype and 10% content.

    (Plus anything console-only can suck it.)
  10. Panos

    Panos Minimodder

    18 Oct 2006
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    It comes free with my brand new AMD graphic card. Nothing to complain about it if not as good as expected imho.....
  11. schmidtbag

    schmidtbag What's a Dremel?

    30 Jul 2010
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    I thought the game seemed interesting but not enough to buy it. When I heard Venus is colonized in the game I actually lost interest haha.

    What I don't understand is the notion to pre-order AAA games these days. Unless the price is heavily reduced and/or you EXPECT a DVD/Blu Ray version, what's the gain of doing this? I think pre-ordering indie games is great because you're helping ensure the devs are funded before they get to the release point. But games like Destiny don't need all these pre-orders. If this game was really so record-breaking in pre-orders then the money they spent on adverts was very wasteful.
  12. Cei

    Cei pew pew pew

    22 Mar 2008
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    It does? A console game comes free with a PC graphics card?
    Think I smell BS here.

    I picked up a copy for the PS4, and my wife bought a second for herself. We've had good fun playing the co-op missions so far, and I think that this is what Bungie are after, a more social way to play an FPS, rather than the CoD style where it's you versus a bunch of sweary kids. I haven't played enough to judge the whole game yet, but so far it's a solid effort (in terms of graphics, gameplay etc). Ultimately I hope the post-launch content is enough to give it a long life span.
  13. mikeuk2004

    mikeuk2004 What you Looking at Fool!

    3 Sep 2004
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    I was enjoying it until I ranked to level 7. Since them I keep getting disconnected towards to end of a round which is really peeing me off. I rank up to level 8 in the round, get disconnected and back down to rank 7. Getting sick and tired playing the same levels over and over again just to be disconnected and for my stats not to count. Also had alot of invisible friends. My friends characters would disappear and all I gt to see is their name floating around the world. Hope Bungie sorts this out pronto because I really don't feel like playing it any more.

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