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Digital Art Ground Rules

Discussion in 'Photography, Art & Design' started by Da Dego, 29 Jun 2006.

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  1. Da Dego

    Da Dego Brett Thomas

    17 Aug 2004
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    Hey all, since we're now openly supporting a digital art forum, please keep in mind the following rules:

    • Feel free to post artwork that YOU have made. If it features other people, please be kind enough to get their permission.
    • Talk about techniques, filter combinations, or other things if you feel your knowledge could be helpful!
    • Tell us how you made it in your posts! This is a HUGE part to helping others learn, and it reduces silly questions.
    • Keep sizes down. This is a high-bandwidth area. If your picture is very large, or posting multiple versions, please use links and thumbnails.
    • Be courteous of others' work. People spend lots of time on this stuff, and what others consider art, maybe you don't...thoughts like that don't need said.

    • Post camera-phone images. Just because it has a little lens does not mean it's a quality photo.
    • Post blatantly offensive, excessively violent, or pornographic material.
    • Provide links to torrents or warez for any program, but especially photoshop or commercial filters.
    • Flame another person's work
    • Post signature images or other work basically revolving around your name next to a hot, bikini-clad chick and a ferrari.
    • Post images made by others, or copyrighted works.

    Please be aware that any images posted on here are pretty much fair game for other people to snag. Therefore, don't throw pictures up that you don't mind seeing duplicated somewhere else...many people are even awful enough to not give you fair credit for it. If you have any qualms about this, Photoshop has an incredibly handy digital watermarking tool provided built-in. Make use of it!

    If you DO take an image off of here to use as your personal desktop or whatever else you do with it, please be kind enough to:
    • Drop the artist a line to let him or her know you enjoyed it, and
    • Give fair credit to them!
    • Ask permission: It's a criminal offence to use other's work without consent.
    • If the author of the work declines you permission, respect it.
    • If the author has a copyright notice on their image or work, DO NOT remove or edit it in any way.

    A note about copyright: As the author of a work (either written, photographed, painted, or produced in any other way) you automatically own the copyright under the Design and Patents Act 1988 (and also covered by international Copyright Laws). You have the right to digitally watermark your images, or include the internationally recognised © symbol with your name and date of production (Images taken while at work, as part of your job may be exempt from this ruling, and the copyright may reside with your employer).

    If you are not the author of the work, it is a criminal offence to use the image without prior consent. Bit-Tech, its employees or any affiliates are not responsible for breach of these rules

    ~The Bit-tech Staff and Mods
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  2. J-Pepper

    J-Pepper Active Member

    20 Jul 2004
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    Just a shout out to the Bit-tech gods who have decided to start this forum.. mucho, mucho gracias senoirés ! :D :thumb:
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