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Multi DiRT 4

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Krikkit, 11 Jun 2017.

  1. Krikkit

    Krikkit All glory to the hypnotoad! Super Moderator

    21 Jan 2003
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    Anyone purchased? I've heard that with the switchable realism (Arcade/Simulation) that it could well be all things to all men.

    I really enjoyed Rally, and Rally2 is coming, but I'm tempted to this. The procedurally-generated rally stage mode sounds really good once the main bits are completed, so it should have some legs.

    Bit of a lengthy video, but worth a skim.
  2. GTIgeneral

    GTIgeneral Minimodder

    31 Jul 2014
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    I've got the game but only played an hour or two, played using a g29 in simulator mode and it feels a little easier to keep the car on track, not so much easier but more forgiving if you start losing control. I've only played the career mode using the fiesta that you start with so it could just be the car.

    Graphics wise I find that dirt rally performed better on my pc and I've had to turn a couple of settings down in dirt 4 but I think the latest AMD driver has some optimisations for it so will do some testing on the weekend.

    I've only done around 5 events so far but I'm finding the career mode a bit more fleshed out than dirt rally, there's some nice little touches like pulling up next to the marshal at the end of a track.

    I did attempt a race in one of the buggies but couldn't control it, just kept spinning the buggy.

    Take my first impressions with a pinch of salt as I've barely played it but so far I'm excited to play more, just wish they had hill climbs.

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