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Electronics DIY LVDS controller - all soldered, no video?

Discussion in 'Modding' started by PsychoI3oy, 23 May 2004.

  1. Hibaldur

    Hibaldur What's a Dremel?

    4 Nov 2003
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    Hi there ;)

    Sure we (I) do read this....very interesting project...just keep posting!

    BTW good luck with it...
  2. PsychoI3oy

    PsychoI3oy Minimodder

    13 Apr 2004
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    To those asking for revival, all the information I was able to obtain is in this thread.

    I haven't touched it since then, and doubt that my electronics skills are suitable to make it all work.

    I still have the working laptop with identical parts, should someone come up with a definite solution, but I'd rather not pull it apart.

    The celeron box that this was meant for has been relegated to router only, and my main desktop is now my htpc, so an LCD for it is no longer necessary or practical.

    I doubt seriously I could answer anyone's questions at this point, considering this was all over a year ago and I posted just about every shred of info I found in this thread. If anyone else wants to have a whack at it, by all means go ahead, and please let me know how it goes (I still get emails on this thread, heh).
  3. rooholla

    rooholla What's a Dremel?

    29 Feb 2012
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    Hi every one
    I've seen the SN75LVDS84to and the way i found it was the same way of dear PsychoI3oy .
    this IC have 24 digital color data pit (8 bit for any of the 3 main colors). now i think the problem is to find a why to obtain this signal .
    i now 2 ICs from analog devices which can do this task for us , ad9880 and ad9883 .
    i think combining this ic with SN75LVDS84 can approach us to our aim .

    PS: if there was language mistakes in my comment forgive me . I'm from Iran and English is not my mother language .
  4. asura

    asura jack of all trades

    22 Apr 2009
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    There are cheep (relatively ) LVDS to VGA/DVI converters on the market these days.

    - Nice necro for a first post...

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