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Modding Do it yourself Carbon Fiber kits?

Discussion in 'Modding' started by m0ng0lh0rde, 25 Oct 2004.

  1. m0ng0lh0rde

    m0ng0lh0rde What's a Dremel?

    5 Jun 2004
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    I am looking to do some case modding, and want to replace the front panel of my case with carbon fiber. Currently, I am using some carbon fiber decal, and it looks nice, except in some of the corners. I have done some searching on the net, and while I can find tons of articles on *installing* carbon fiber hoods on cars, there are very few articles on *making* your own CF parts.
    For example, where would I go to purchase a CF kit. Preferably one that includes the epoxy / resins and such. The case I am looking to do this to, is the Antec version of the Cheiftec Dragon (older style) I've already started doing some mods to it, such as replacing the center section on the door and the bottom with "modders mesh." It doesn't look too bad with the CF decal, but when the door is open, and you can see where the decal has been folded over, well, I don't like the look. The shape is not one that lends itself to getting a smooth decal over either. I would think that using CF for real, might turn out somewhat better, especially if I make a mold from the original piece, to form the CF.
    Possibly using techniques used to make your own resin model parts, to make the mold. Then, put down the CF fabirc, etc.

    Any other ideas?
    Suggestions on sites with good how to articles?

    Or am I just crazy to try this?

    Jason A.
  2. r3Q

    r3Q Minimodder

    31 Jul 2002
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    ill tell ya what, if you arent good at CF'n than its gonna have all kinds of ripples and bubbles and "non-uniformities"... the stuff is cloth, and it will 'unweave' or stretch away, then look terrible, if you fold it, it will wrinkle. you need to get CLEAR epoxy resin and make a mould of the faceplate, then compress the CF with a negative relief of that mould (thats what id do at least)

    cf is not easy. and it would look incredible, its not as simple as you think. its a tricky material.

    oh yea, it also dulls scissors in a matter of minutes

    only good site for CF that ive SEEN is www.mashie.org (Y2Kbug case) and thats not all that detailed.
  3. SoylentGreen

    SoylentGreen What's a Dremel?

    27 Jun 2004
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    isn't carbon fiber kind of like fiber glass? i mean same basic idea right? pliable sheet, molded, then hardened
  4. McWarren

    McWarren What's a Dremel?

    22 May 2003
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  5. Constructacon

    Constructacon Constructing since 1978

    12 Oct 2004
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    Check out THIS!!!

    I just read a write up on this company in Street Machine magazine (Officially the most read magazine in Australia - w00t! :rock: ). It's basically a process that "paints" a surface that looks like carbon fibre (or woodgrain or brushed alluminium or a whole bunch of other finishes) on ANY SHAPED SURFACE. It looks sh!t hot. :D

    If we've got this over here, you MUST have it in the old US of A.

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