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Windows Doom 3 - Trailers don't do it justice

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Abadon, 1 Aug 2004.

  1. Langer

    Langer Jesse Lang

    24 Jan 2004
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    I just go to the teleporter on deltalabs1 on nightmare and from what i've seen its extremely harder than veteran...you find less ammo, and it takes more shots to take down monsters aswell.
  2. Shadowspawn

    Shadowspawn Another hated American.

    1 Jul 2002
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    I am in my sixth hour in the game and I've reached a jumping puzzle of sorts. I just activated some sort of magnetic gizmo and have to jump across the two bridges while the arms swing back and forth. This is the first time I have died in the game as I fell short of the second bridge. I'm playing on Marine difficulty and taking my sweet time with it: making sure Im fully reloaded on all weapons before moving forward, etc.

    Tried multiplayer last night and enjoyed it despite the extreme lag. I'm wondering about the servers that I see that have more than 4 players on them. They were all passworded so I couldn't check them out, but I thought this game was limited to 4 players. The maps are excellent, the two that I played. They have tons of places that you can setup traps in. I'm loving it.

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