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News Dr.Thermal Ti V86N cooler & CM MousePaBoPCd :: BoPC

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Cheese, 20 Sep 2002.

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    6 Oct 2001
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    "Man has rediscovered copper. Copper is one of the worlds oldest metals, and has been in use since its discovery. While the beginnings of copper may have been in crude tools, the tools it is used in today are a lot more specialized, and definitely not as crude. Some CPU's are using copper within their dies, allowing for speeds faster than aluminum allows for. And heat sinks using copper are sitting on top of these CPU's, providing better heat transfer than aluminum as well."

    Read the review here.


    "With a company that needs no introduction here at Burnoutpc.com, Coolermaster is enjoying their 10th anniversary, and to celebrate they are releasing a collector item that will surely peek your interest."

    Review here.
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