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Dragon Gaming Center – an introduction

Discussion in 'MSI UK' started by MSINotebookUK, 7 Nov 2014.

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    29 Jul 2014
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    Dragon Gaming Center is a nifty tool to set a bunch of settings that are available on the G series MSI Notebooks. The idea with this article is to break down the settings and explain them.

    The first thing that meets you when you launch the Dragon Gaming Center is the System Monitor screen:


    It does pretty much what the name says – it gives you system parameters in real-time, such CPU load, RAM use, battery status, etc. You can also switch SHIFT profiles and monitor your temperatures and network usage.


    Screen 2 is the Utility screen – from here, you can launch applications, with the ones you see in the screenshot are preset. In addition to these, you can add your own applications.


    Instant Play comes with four tabs – the first one is ”Instant Play”. Here you can assign the P1 key shortcut to launch a specific application or game.


    Tab 2 is Display & Audio, where you can adjust speaker volume and microphone levels, as well as display brightness and gamma.


    Tab 3 is Mouse – you can set pointer speed, double-click speed and scrolling properties.


    The last Instant Play tab is Resource Release where you can choose which applications will be automatically closed when you launch your preset game with the P1 key combo.

    Lastly, Device Setting comes with the possibility to turn on/off the Windows key on the keyboard, and enabling/disabling the high performance profile. Finally, you can once more choose SHIFT modes.

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