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Case Mod - In Progress Dual Corsair

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by cholmxd, 23 Jul 2012.

  1. cholmxd

    cholmxd What's a Dremel?

    23 Jul 2012
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    Hello guys.

    im starting a new build in a couple of days.

    what im going to do is to take 2 corsair graphite 600t chassis.

    cut the top of one of them, and cut the second i half.

    then build those to chassis togehter to one.

    the lower part will like allways contain motherboard, graphics, psu and those things.
    top new top wil hold 2 x 480 rads and the liquid pump.

    the plan is to run all the tubing straight. no rounding or stufff. only straight lines.

    the i will cover the whole tower in black carbon vinyl. the plastic part in the front and the foot also in carbon vinyl but in lime green color.
    paint the mesh in the top and in the front lime green. the handles allso in lime green

    the setup will be as following:

    Mb: ASUS SABERTOOTH Z77, Socket-1155 with the top covers painted lime green
    CPU: Intel® Core i7-3820 Processor
    GFX: Zotac 680 GTX sli 4 gb x 2
    SSD HDD: Corsair force 3 series 240 gb x 2
    HDD: 6 tb wd cavier green
    DVD/CD: Samsung Blu Ray writer/reader
    Memory: Corsair Dominator 1866 mhz 32 gb

    Feser Tubes
    Feser Green uv liquid
    EKWB PUSH ON fittings
    EK-FC680 GTX - Acetal + Nickel x 2 allso spatula out and painted black and lime green the backplates too
    EK-Supremacy - Acetal + Nickel cpu cooler
    EKWB 480 Radiator x 2
    EK-BAY SPIN RESERVOIR - ACETAL painted lime green
    Cooler Master Sickle Flow - R4-L2R-20AG-R2 Green x 12

    i think that about it for now.

    i will get back soon.
    the plan is to start later this week on disassemble both chassis later this week and start cutting at made it back togehter.

    Last edited: 29 Jul 2012

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