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DVD±RW issues (wont recognize DVD+R) MSI DR8-A

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Shrapnill, 11 Feb 2005.

  1. Shrapnill

    Shrapnill What's a Dremel?

    5 May 2002
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    As the topic says, Im having an issue with my MSI optical drive. Its new (3 months) and Im just now wanting to burn some data DVD+R discs. I have burned CD-R and CD-RW with no problems whatsoever, drive is fast and never spits out coasters.

    Now- when I pop a DVD+R in the drive windows (via My Computer) changes the volume label from "DVD-RW Drive (E:) to "CD Drive (E:)" and the disc isnt eve seen. It reads the volume as 0.0 MB and unwritable media. Attempting to explore (open) the volume with the disc in the drive, I can open it (explore it as a disc) but the properties still read 0.0MB. When I attempt to send data to the drive, it gives the error message "Windows encountered a problem when trying to copy this file. What would you like windows to do? <retry> <cancel>". This occurs with every type of file I have tried.

    I attempted using Nero 5 to burn a disc, but it doesnt allow creating DVD jobs, as if it fails to see a DVD-RW drive at all.

    I am fresh out of ideas on fixing this. The drive is OEM, so no driver is needed. The firmware has been updated and all the discs Ive used are name brand, usable discs.

    I have read up (er... googled) on the problem with no results. The MS help database only notes issues in using Roxio software. I currently have Nero 5, Daemon, and CloneCD installed.

    Ideas? Thoughts?

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