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DVD burning problems

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by MovieFreak, 14 Jan 2005.

  1. MovieFreak

    MovieFreak What's a Dremel?

    10 May 2004
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    Ok, burning is easy blah blah. Most of the burning I do is copying my dvd's for when I bring them over to friends houses, or backing up the files I download off the net.

    I've been noticing that most of the time, as a movie gets to the very end, it starts having errors, some players it will just freeze, others it will have pixel blocks as if the data was corrupted, etc.

    I'm using a pioneer ao8xl which as far as the burning process goes, is a 108. Very popular drive.

    Anyone experienced anything similiar to this? The media I have usually preferred to use is TDK 8x +r which is writable at 16x and I have tried just using it at 8x. Pioneers website says this media works at 16x on my drive, and it's identified as CMC MAG E01

    Another wierd question.

    In Nero infotool, it says the buffer size on my pioneer is 2megs, and on my piece of **** generic burner that I also have in the machine, it's buffer is 8megs. This is strange to me, should it feel strange?

    I use Nero Ultra 6.6 to burn.
  2. mushky

    mushky gimme snails

    24 Mar 2003
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    I get that if I burn 4X G04 discs at 6X or 8X on my pioneer 107. I could burn the older G04 discs at 8X no probs but with the newer discs it seems I can't. Try different discs and different speeds.

    Get some ritek G05 discs and try burning them at 8X.

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