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Enermax GALAXY, INFINITI and LIBERTY series - certified by AMD.

Discussion in 'Industry News' started by Guest-16, 11 Jun 2007.

  1. Guest-16

    Guest-16 Guest

    ENERMAX is leaving its competitors out in the rain, AMD not just officially confirmed its outclassing lead, they even certified it.

    On May 14th AMD launched the HD2900XT graphic cards, utilizing the industry-leading graphics processing platform chip R600.

    It needs besides the traditional PCIe 1.0 6pin PEG power connector but a new 8pin PCIe 2.0 as second one.

    Especially important to our customers is that they can even upgrade their old LIBERTY into LIBERTY DXX by simply purchasing a 6+2p (8p). It enables them to power a single HD2900XT without needing to buy a new PSU at all. Certified by AMD, that’s why ENERMAX is leading!”

    Steven Su, founder & CEO of ENERMAX, explains what distinguishes ENERMAX from all others:

    “We not just got certified with one or two new models. Our complete line-up from 400 to 1000W got certified, as we finished our complete overhaul as part of our “DXX-ready” campaign already on January 17th and for some selected series we did that already in December ‘06. That was possible thanks to our quality and PCB design, which were made for long-term needs and rated more than just conservatively, which makes us already an iconic exception among our more optimistically rating competitors.”

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