Networks Epson xp-442 Printer loosing wireless connection

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    So I've got the house wired for Ethernet, and everythinbg is running ethernet except mobile devices (mobiles, tablets)
    The BT router is upstairs where the master socket is.
    the Printer (Epson XP-442) is a wi-fi or USB only printer. no Ethernet socket.

    Previous printer only had USB, which I had a rubbish Belkin USB Printer host to network it.
    This print server does not support the communication protocols that this new printer needs to use.

    I installed an extra Access Point in the same room (on the same power socket as the printer) as the signal from the router isn't strong enough to have a solid connection for printing.

    I cannot get them to keep their connection, and the printer won't automatically connect. I have to fumble around with settings to get them connected again, when they should just connect once they have been set.

    My dad blames me for it "not workinig" when he want's to do something.
    He is the one who decided he wanted this printer without getting my input about anything (which i would have got one with an Ethernet socket, and avoid all this hassle)

    I've just had to deal with what I've got to use that the printer has.

    Just to answer few common questions that might be asked:
    There is no space to just connect usb to computer(s)

    I have a BT Home Hub 3.0, cheap no config switch, and then the extra Access Point (Asus RP-12)

    it seems that they do not remember their settings.

    What should I do to get a reliable connection?
    any settings I should be looking at specifically setting?
    Static/fixed IP?

    seems if i set a fixed ip for something it can sometimes change, and as the IP is supposedly set, it then does not match and looses connection (printer is another issue)

    My android phone works perfectly with the wi-fi no problem.

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