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eSATA drive as windows drive

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by nicotine, 1 Mar 2009.

  1. nicotine

    nicotine New Member

    8 Aug 2006
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    I took the harddrive out of my old gaming rig and put it into an external enclosure (the Antec MX-1) to maintain access to all of my files while I am at school so I can leave my desktop at home. Last night I tried to boot my gaming desktop off of this hdd using eSATA but while I was using it and updating all the software (desktop has not been used for several months) I noticed that it was hanging up for 10-20 seconds rather frequently and at times it would completely stop and I would get a BSOD and have to reboot. I yanked the drive out of the enclosure this morning and installed it back into the inside of the machine and it works fine.

    So my question is: do I need to do anything special to boot and run Windows off of the eSATA enclosure? I would really like to be able to keep the hdd inside the enclosure and just use the eSATA when I return home from school on weekends.

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