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News ESPN gives the middle finger to Net Neutrality

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Tim S, 6 Feb 2009.

  1. Dreaming

    Dreaming New Member

    31 Jan 2007
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    Is this even legal? I mean, if you have a website in the public domain, are you even allowed to restrict access to people who sign up to certain ISPs? Would another company be allowed to block phone calls from people who have certain phone lines?

    The internet, honelines, are a national utility, there should be no prerequisite of having to get certain ISPs to access content. Fair enough if you need to pay to get premium content that's a different matter.

    I think if you challenged it in court it could fall down.
  2. quake1-rules

    quake1-rules New Member

    6 Feb 2009
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    Quoteing Dreaming: "The internet, honelines, are a national utility"

    No, they aren't. The government didn't build them and doesn't own the Internet. This isn't the USSR, Cuba or North Korea.
  3. Flibblebot

    Flibblebot Smile with me

    19 Apr 2005
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    So you think you need to be a communist country to have nationalised utilities?

    Until the mid-80s & 90s, when they were privatised, all of the UK's utilities were nationalised: electricity, gas & phone (as well as other services like the trainlines, healthcare system, steelworks & coal mining) were all nationalised industries - yet the UK has never been a communist country.
  4. n3mo

    n3mo New Member

    15 Oct 2007
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    And what is more, we (the post-communist country) had a little problem with our Big Bad Monopolist a few years back... took a huge beating from anti-monopoly comissions and was almost reduced to ashes. As the time goes by, It becomes more and more obvious that the post-soviet countries have way more freedom than you Brits ever seen.

    On the topic: This will fail miserably. Restricting potential userbase never worked good for any company, as soon as the investors see the actual profit vs potential profit with unrestricted userbase, the ESPN will open their arms for everyone.
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