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Networks Ethernet Cabling my House: Uber Access Point and PoE

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Toka, 26 Feb 2018.

  1. Toka

    Toka Minimodder

    19 Nov 2006
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    Hey Folks

    You all kindly helped me with a crossover question last week and Ive had some fun making patch cables as a result. As is always the way plans have grown and budget has disappeared out the window in my quest to make wireless not suck in our house. Im trying to provide strong 2.4 and 5ghz signals to mobile phones and a desktop pc. I have a couple more questions!

    1. Im installing an access point in a bedroom. Im toying with the idea of running cat6 and using Power Over Ethernet to keep the install nice and clean and give me more options on positioning the AP. If I use PoE will the cat6 cable be able to handle that AND provide gigabit network speeds? I think that the answer to this is yes, but the wiki page is a bit beyond me.

    2. My access point of choice. Basically what I need from this is a super strong signal and high throughput as this will be supplying wireless for my main pc, and for watching stuff from the plex server / youtube when in bed. I dont have a use for built in switches as the install will be in a fairly open location (but having a swich wouldn't stop me from buying an AP, if it was suitable awesome)

    My initial thought was to use one of these (and to not bother with PoE). This would hopefully give me a strong signal, is cheap and wouldnt need a PoE switch to power it but no opportunity for future network upgrades other than shoving another one in and creating yet more wifi networks for my wife to struggle with.

    I know that Ubiquiti are a thing and would give me a neater install with the possibility of a second unit in our bedroom in the future, but will they provide a fast enough connection and will the speed be throttled by the cable also having to do PoE. Probably only £70 more expensive than my first option which is fine.

    Last option would be something like a Mikrotik - I chanced across this while searching through the BT forums this morning and it looks slightly intimidating, but configurable. Its the same question really, will it give me a lovely fast connection to a PC in the same room and to a phone watching plex 1 room over (brick wall). I think (maybe) that these also do mesh networking (CAPsMAN?) which is an option down the road for a second unit in our bedroom.

    Sorry for the long post

    tl;dr can a cat6 cable provide PoE AND full gigabit speeds, whats a great AP to buy if I just want massive signal and speed, with mesh networking a nice bonus but not vital.

  2. Zoon

    Zoon Hunting Wabbits since the 80s

    12 Mar 2001
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    Cat5e will go 1gig and PoE. The DC voltage for PoE runs at a different frequency from the electric signals for data. So they co exist fine.

    The Mikrotik hAP AC will power via PoE injector you need to buy separately. You need to configure it with mains power first and set it to dual AP mode.


    CAPsMAN is indeed the protocol to create an enterprise mesh on these devices which will allow roaming which the Netgear device you linked will not: Android devices will connect to whichever network it sees first, no matter which has the best signal, so a roaming mesh is best. For devices in a relatively fixed location that roam little like a PC or laptop, manually switching is usually fine.

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