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EU and Air Travel New Rules

Discussion in 'General' started by LAGMonkey, 5 Nov 2006.

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    13 Aug 2005
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    Hope this email should help with some rules, my flight is madrd -> luton london -> madrid during christmas to go home to family.

    here it is.......

    New EU Security Rules at Airports

    Dear Andrew,

    Please note that new security rules have been introduced that will
    affect your next scheduled flight with easyJet.

    The new rules apply from Monday 6 November 2006 at all airports in the
    EU and in Norway, Iceland and Switzerland until further notice.

    What is new?

    While packing:

    You are only allowed to take small quantities of liquids in your hand
    luggage. These liquids must be in individual containers with a maximum
    capacity of 100 millilitres each. You must pack these containers in
    one transparent, re-sealable plastic bag measuring approximately 20 x
    20 cms.

    To view an image of what this looks like, click on the link below:

    At the airport

    To help screeners detect liquids, you must:
    . present all liquids carried to the screeners at security
    checkpoints for examination
    . remove laptop computers and other large electrical devices
    from your hand luggage. They will be screened separately
    whilst you are screened.

    Liquids include:
    . contents of pressurised containers, including shaving foam,
    other foams
    . water and other drinks, soups, syrups and deodorants
    . creams, lotions and oils
    . pastes, including toothpaste
    . perfumes or liquid-solid mixtures
    . sprays
    . mascara
    . gels, including hair and shower gels
    . any other item of similar consistency

    What does not change?

    You can still:
    . pack liquids in bags that you check in - the new rules only
    affect hand luggage
    . carry in your hand luggage medicines and dietary requirements,
    including baby foods, for use during the trip. You may be asked
    for proof that they are needed
    . buy liquids such as drinks and perfumes either in an EU airport
    shop when located beyond the point where you show your boarding
    pass or on board an aircraft operated by an EU airline. If they
    are sold in a special sealed bag, do not open it before you are
    screened - otherwise the contents may be confiscated at the
    checkpoint. (If you transfer at an EU airport, do not open the
    bag before screening at your airport of transfer, or at the
    last one if you transfer more than once).

    All these liquids are additional to the quantities in the re-sealable
    plastic bag mentioned above.

    For up-to-date details of all travel information, please log onto

    and click on the Latest Travel Update Section.

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