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Networks Extension Sockets With i-Plate

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by PHILIP1193, 20 Jul 2011.

  1. PHILIP1193

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    8 Dec 2004
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    I think i know the answer to my own questions but would like some one with a bit more knowledge on the subject to clarify it for me.

    I am buying a new BT master socket (the openreach labelled one), which has the benefit of the iplate built into it.

    How ever my Master socket is in a stupid place and im thinking of possibly moving it (i know about all the legalities of it before any one says anything) to under the stairs because that's where my router will sit.

    That said, i know the i-plate helps improve broadband speeds, but if i decided not to move it and simply put an extension socket under my stairs and wire that into my new master socket, will i see the benefit that the iplate gives on the extensions also or is it ONLY on the master socket you see the potential speed increase?

    It is my understanding that because the filtering happens BEFORE the extension part of the plate, it means that any extensions connected to the master socket will also have the benefit of the bell wire been filtering and therefore the speed increase should still be apparent if it connect the router to my secondary socket.


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