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Graphics extinct gtx 470

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Refugee, 29 Aug 2014.

  1. Refugee

    Refugee What's a Dremel?

    25 Aug 2014
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    Hi to you all, this is my first visit to this site so please excuse any mistakes I may make.

    The question is I have an extinct/ died/ deceased Gigabyte GTX OC 470 card that has met it's maker, but is there any way to revive it short of open heart surgery.

    I've tried contacting Gigabyte support but met with no help at all apart from we can sell you a new card and the disbelief that any body could be using such an old card for gaming.

    Does anybody know of a site that may do work on them without me having to donate an arm.

    The card is out of my son's PC and until I either declare it dead or have it revived he's making do with a Radeon 5850 card that doesn't really cut it now plus I don't think that card is in best of health.

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