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Gaming EYE: Divine Cybermancy Review

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by arcticstoat, 4 Aug 2011.

  1. MiNiMaL_FuSS


    24 Dec 2003
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    Boiling point was one of the greatest pc gaming experiences of all time - still had the most open environment of any game I've played!

    Okay you had to wait two years before playing it until the community had patched it themselves...but was worth the wait. I suggest you revisit it with the mods!!
  2. Yottos

    Yottos New Member

    6 Aug 2011
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    I created an account just so that I could respond to this review. The review is, in my opinion, absolutely spot on. I've never played Deus (though I'm guessing I should try it) but I am an avid fan of Dune and have read all the books so when I entered the game world it immediately reminded me of the beloved series.

    The game, however, is very much love-hate. The texture, grit and theme of the game afre really great. The implementation is good and bad. I find myself walking through the world while cloaked, a machine gun and nothing between me and success except the click of the left mouse button. Although there are many approached to mission completion, I have found that usually a grenade or two will clear most anything up and whatever has survived can be easily handled while cloaking then suddenly opening open with your Gatling gun. The enemies aren't terribly intelligent but that doesn't detract from the fun of gunning them down as they unfailingly find you in the most remote places of the map.

    The NPS dialog is a true gem! When your response to someone involves slitting their throat, disemboweling them then finishing them off with a grenade in their entrails...well, that game has my vote. Don't like the first dialog choice? Don't worry, the next one involves throwing their head in a vat of acid and then wearing their face like a mask (I literally laughed-out-loud when I read that).

    The really bad: bugs. This game is riddled with bugs. Some are frustrating (shooting your weapon while clicking on attacks in the hacking menu) and others are infuriating (mission objectives missing so that you can't kill/hack/open/destroy whatever it is you need to). There are also some obvious exploits (changing "Enemy reinforcement frequency" to invasion so you can mow down constantly respawning enemies for money, alt-tab'ing the game so that long researches can complete while you're doing something else [think EVE]). I actually found this review after doing a Google search to see if I could complete a mission or if it was bugged.

    But, seriously, I am absolutely ENJOYING this game. There doesn't seem to be a level cap so you can build your character to your heart's content. The theme is truly original and the IDEA of the game is truly refreshing. Implementation is a little lacking (not many idie games are great out of the starting block) but I believe you truly get your money's worth.

    I'm fairly certain that the Synthetic Coagulant (no idea what it actually does in the game) I was researching is complete now so I'm going to alt-tab back into it and see if I can complete this mission. Seriously...this game is worth the try. LOVING IT!!!
  3. Ciber

    Ciber New Member

    20 Feb 2010
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    It's not an exception IMO. The LOTR books do have a low probablity of being considered 'good'. They didn't really do much for me nor would 99.9% of people like them TBH. Well, if 100% of people tried to read the books, which they won't. Most people don't read books for fun.

    That said, the hobbit is quite a good childrens book. As in I read it when I was a child and liked it.
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  4. dolphie

    dolphie New Member

    6 Jul 2012
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    I think this review is quite unfair. I just got this game (it's so cheap on steam!) and it's basically mind blowing.

    I think the fact that there have been some patches by now which have fixed a lot of the issues, maybe make it a lot more of a positive experience today than it was at release. But still, it's true that this game does have quite a lot of rough edges, but for people who aren't too bothered about that, it could end up being one of the best games you've ever played.

    At it's core it's just a good FPS, the gunplay is fantastic because the guns feel so real. If you use dual pistols, you have to click left mouse and right mouse to shoot both which harms your aim a bit when you are under pressure, so makes them feel quite manic -- which is exactly how it should be. Assault rifles are far steadier and shoot straight and pack massive punch, it feels very satisfying. Sniper rifles the same deal, gigantic range and the scope even has rounded glass which distorts the view to the sides a bit, so is not as ez-mode as typical action-FPS's. So the shootin' is fantastic, but the levels are amazing too. They are huge, and open, so very natural. You might have to assassinate one person who is hiding out in a warehouse at the end of town, and then you have to hack a computer somewhere which is in a completely different area that you have to run to (and be careful of patrols along the way). So it feels like a real world rather than the typical corridor style shooters we get these days where you come across the first objective, and then follow the path and there is the second objective, and there are very few other places you can actually go.

    So great gun play, great levels, and also the psionic abilities are the best I've ever seen. So far I only have a few but they are great. I can create a hologram to fool enemies, or create three clones of myself and I can even give them orders individually. I can also disintegrate items I find (like ammo and weapons) to heal myself. I am planning on taking this psi stuff further because it seems so great.

    And the environments and setting, that's great too. It's like Deus Ex, Blade Runner, and really reminds me of Syndicate (the excellent original), only played in a first person perspective. The missions are similar and the 'maps' are too, only you are running around them on foot rather than looking down with that old school isometric view.

    So far it's like a dream come true game. The interface is ok at best, but still perfectly playable. The story is pretty wtf. The dialogue is often amateurish and it has more than its fair share of bad translation too. And it gives virtually no direction at the start. But it's not very confusing anyway imho, I have got by fine so far and I haven't even bothered to use any of the in game help movies.

    Give it a shot.
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