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News Facebook competitor Diaspora opens

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Lizard, 24 Nov 2010.

  1. flibblesan

    flibblesan Destroyer

    27 Jul 2005
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    You do realise you can set your own privacy settings so friends photos that you are tagged in do not show to anybody else but your friends? You can even set it so the photos only show to yourself.

    The thing is that, by default, Facebook will allow your friends to see your content. It's up to you to change this to block information that you do not want people to see. The Facebook privacy settings are there for a reason and do a very good job.
  2. BRAWL

    BRAWL Dead and buried.

    16 Aug 2010
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    Remember Joe Public thinks Facebook is the bane of all privacy these days, You can literally hide yourself from existance better than if you didn't have a Facebook to be fair!

    I have a very well protected post system, don't post personal detail's (My friend got SMS bombed from his number on FB, hilarious much?) I don't share very much (other than blogs) I have to authorise tag's, family requests, comments on my wall etc... Facebook really is as protected as you want it. oh and Adblock works perfectly aswell :) Stupid Ad's annoy me...
  3. Xir

    Xir Well-Known Member

    26 Apr 2006
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    it's GMX, a german provider ;-)
    And ist's web based, so the privacy issue is my own (just can't be *rsed to mirror my mail onto the 4-5 different PC's i'm using, so webmail it is). :D
    I'm pretty sure it's a google-powered-add thingy. The "your message was sent to" page contains the emailadresses, the add then checks these against a Facebook server, and replies with the corresponding picture.
    It's the possibility of saving this data (which I don't doubt they do, I'd do it if I were Facebook) that scares me...
  4. [- pio -]

    [- pio -] New Member

    2 Feb 2004
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    They're obviously not going to be able to compete with Facebook from the get-go, but I still want to see what they have pulled off here! The idea is good, but I think the whole distributed servers idea will make a mess, unfortunately. At least they got a nice and simple logo :)

    Also, that queue must be quite long; I signed up to that list several months ago, and I still haven't got an invite. Huh..

    Oh, and one more thing: The naming is actually spot-on, you just need a minimum of historical/cultural capital to get it ;) (cheat-sheet, look at the general definitions, not all the stuff about the Jews in particular)
  5. hirezo

    hirezo Member

    27 Jul 2009
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    maybe i ll join, i want to see what its like first...
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