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Build Advice Fan/electrics specialist?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by 4004, 19 May 2021.

  1. 4004

    4004 What's a Dremel?

    19 May 2021
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    This isn't exactly a PC build, but maybe I can get some recommendations for places (ideally in the south, I'm in Berks).

    What I've got is a ventilation kit for my car, which was made by Webasto for BMW.
    It's an array of 6 IP44-rated axial fans, a voltage converter (the thing is powered by a solar panel), supercapacitors and a controller board.

    Can anyone recommend a place that would be able to upgrade some of these bits, eg the fans, capacitors?
    I am thinking there are efficiency gains to be had, and maybe some new tech, eg a fan with a built in temp sensor.
    Thought PC-build places might help, but they all seem to be either very specialised (the consumer ones) or focused on the commercial/industrial market (likely won't take on a one off).

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