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FIFA row has harmed England 2018 bid

Discussion in 'Serious' started by cjmUK, 4 Nov 2010.

  1. cjmUK

    cjmUK Old git.

    9 Feb 2004
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    According to FIFA insiders, Englands Word Cup bid has been harmed by the Telegraph investigation into corruption within the selection committee. Although not said explicitly, the inference is that the newspaper might be in league with the English bid committee to blacken the name of it's rivals.

    This strikes me as perverse on two counts:

    Firstly, the English press are so invasive and annoying because we have a free press in this country. We can't tell them what to do. It's annoying sometimes because far too many column inches are spent discussing the the latest attention-seeking skank that Rooney is banging.
    However, I fail to see how uncovering bung-taking FIFA members with their hands in the till is not a genuine public-interest story. England are seeking to gain an advantage by exposing their rivals to awkward scrutiny? Only the ones seeking to gain advantage by offering bungs to corrupt FIA officials - and I'd argue that they get everything that they deserve.

    Secondly, surely the fact that officials are taking back-handers is the pressing issue, regardless of who seeks to benefit from the revelations. The allegations against Mohammed Bin Hammam, Jack Warner and especially Sepp Blatter himself go back years - they always seem to shake of the accusations of corruption, if not the stench, so it's no surprising to see them reacting this way. Is the UK view on this so departed from the rest of the world? I can't believe it is, so why are these people still in power.
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  2. LeMaltor

    LeMaltor >^_^

    3 Oct 2003
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    I hope the UK press bend them over and screw them royal

    x 1000 if this actually effects the UK's bid!
  3. thehippoz

    thehippoz New Member

    19 Dec 2008
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  4. MacWalka

    MacWalka New Member

    4 Nov 2009
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    I'm with you cjmUK.

    There was a great piece in the Sunday Times this week talking about this very thing.

    Basically it said that FIFA were wrong to judge a bid from a country based on the fact its press is 'free' and that instead of pointing the finger at the papers for reporting the corruption they should be investigating and ending the corruption themselves.

    The other point they made was regarding the England 2018 Bid Team, basically saying that they were just as bad as they were complicit in corruption by not reporting it and for blaming the papers as well.

    Just stinks to me.

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