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Case Mod - In Progress Finished! SUPER PICTURE HEAVY! "Project Three Leaves" - Tristellar - eucalyptus

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by eucalyptus, 21 Oct 2015.

  1. Bartacus

    Bartacus Minimodder

    30 Oct 2014
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    The old fittings were GLUED?!?! Damn, what a bloody awful idea. No wonder you don't see them in many builds. Glad Monsoon came to their senses. Those new fittings are ultra-sexy! :jawdrop:
  2. eucalyptus

    eucalyptus I am 19 and Swedish!

    29 Sep 2015
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    Yepp, they used a special UV-glue (adhesive) to mount a lock-collar in the end of the tube that then were pressed down to a flat O-ring.........

    But these are just amazing! :D Also fixed the link on the last page in my last post if someone missed all the pictures :) :D

    Especially fun when you can design the art on your own :D

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