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Disaster Fire in my case

Discussion in 'Modding' started by badvgood, 20 Jun 2004.

  1. PsychoI3oy

    PsychoI3oy Minimodder

    13 Apr 2004
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    heh, my thread is already being referenced :)

    TBH the above comment about a refund on the camera was one of the not-so-nice comments i referred to in that thread.
  2. badvgood

    badvgood What's a Dremel?

    13 Jun 2004
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    In answer to all the q's in this thread:

    1) Yeah I know it sucks and no one will pay out for the damage.
    2) system was tested for 3 days, no leaks then hey presto!
    3) I was using PF5080 fluid that is used in Crayfords (great stuff but costly)
    4) Distilled water is conductive. Fact. (Still has salt in it)
    5) Pure water is non conductive but when mixed with dirt/dust/oil from your fingerprints on your mobo etc it become conductive.
    6) Using R134a gas (Vaporchill) will cool your chip down to about - 25, however you may suffer from condensation on the other side of your mobo so you will have to coat the mobo with some kind of sealant.
    7) New system (when I can find the best Raid driver) will kick ass. O/Clocking here I come. 3D Mark 2001 - I am gonna get over the 25k point I fell 6 short of last time.
    8) Camera shots are poor I know, It was my tears rolling over the lens :)
    9) any body want to by a lightly toasted mobo and g/card???

    Thanks for the support everone.
  3. Darv

    Darv Bling!!

    12 Aug 2002
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    Very unlucky mate.

    But testing it for leaks while it was turned on :eyebrow:

    Can some of the other parts be salvaged like the RAM and CPU if it was the PCI slot that burned or did it take everything else out with it?

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