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Hardware First Look: MSI P55 GD65

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Tim S, 10 Aug 2009.

  1. John_T

    John_T Member

    3 Aug 2009
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    Anyway, with regards this MSI board, yeah, it makes a lot more sense now. I also think the idea of an OC button is a good one too - it has the potential to be very good for a certain audience.

    I still think it's in the wrong place though...
  2. Guest-16

    Guest-16 Guest

    I know, we're having a lively discussion :D:D :thumb:

    Ahh. XP is crap and wasn't really designed for it, that's why ;)

    118W is leaving everything on! ;) Modern systems in S3 state set to hibernate/sleep will drop everything from RAM onto the harddrive to save the system state as it was before shutting it all down.

    LOL! I was just pointing out that in the grand scale of things, in my opinion, it does **** all :) But saying that, I still always turn off my monitor and speakers in the office and at home. Horses for courses.
  3. Rocket_Knight64

    Rocket_Knight64 Member

    12 Feb 2009
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    Well, it seems that all the initial P55 boards are already out of date!

    MSI 'Big Bang' touting a Lucid Hydra chip:

    I was wondering what had happend to these guys. If it works as well as they say MSI certanly have a 'big bang' in ther hands!

    Looks like a hybrid of the GD80 and X58 Eclipse. Two powered E-SATA ports on the rear though (and a pinout)?
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