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Displays Flat screens mountage in the lounge

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Skutbag, 7 Nov 2009.

  1. Skutbag

    Skutbag New Member

    17 Dec 2003
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    Here's one for those of you with desktop PC's in the lounge.

    I've got a decent old tower PC that I want to be able to use while sat on the sofa in the lounge. Step one- replace massive old CRT with a 22" flat panel. Step two- find/make a suitable bit of furniture to mount the flat panel on so it can be swivelled into and out of the way.

    As I write this I can feel my neck starting to seize up because I'm looking at the monitor at a funny angle- maybe only 10-20 degrees from central but this is no good for prolonged usage. I thought a laptop would be an okay solution but you're still looking down at it all the time, right? Also I was about to upgrade the desktop so I'm loathe to chuck it out.

    So I guess that's the question- something that lets you use a desktop on the sofa (like a laptop) but gives you a proper viewing position like a desktop monitor. Before I go ahead and shell out a hundred or so for a desk+mounting arm I'd like to hear if anyone out there has done the same and what they'd reccomend.

    The only thing I know so far is that the arm should hold 5kg+ and if possible not have to be mounted to a wall. Also any reccomendations for monitors that are good for mounting- I'm sure some have stands and bits that can't be removed- or maybe all the cables come out in the wrong place.... blah blah blah!

    Cheers y'all

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