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Flooded Perthshire, UK faces hose pipe ban.

Discussion in 'Serious' started by cpu121, 13 Aug 2004.

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    25 Nov 2003
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    From The Scotsman (must register first)

    Flooded Perthshire villagers face hosepipe ban


    FOR those still engaged in the mammoth clean-up after the deluge which has swept across Scotland in the last few days, it is likely to add insult to injury.

    Yesterday it emerged that Scottish Water has a drought order in place for the Backwater and Lintrathen reservoirs which feed much of Tayside - the region worst affected by the torrential rain.

    The utility confirmed that it is still considering introducing a hosepipe ban for the area fed by the reservoirs, which it says have "not yet recovered from the low water levels seen across Scotland last autumn".

    Without a hint of irony, a spokesman for Scottish Water said: "The heavy rain is most welcome, but this is a long-term issue. What we really need is an autumn and winter with higher levels of rainfall than last year."

    :eyebrow: Ain't life fun?

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