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FOXCONN launches AM2+ integrated graphics motherboards

Discussion in 'Industry News' started by Guest-16, 13 Mar 2008.

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    FOXCONN launches AM2+ integrated graphics motherboards

    New AM2+ socket motherboards support Phenom™ processors and include latest HD playback technologies

    Beijing, China, March 4th 2008 – FOXCONN today launched the A7GM-S and A7VMX family motherboards in China. The A7GM-S and A7VMX (based on the AMD 780G and 780V chipsets respectively), support both the new Phenom™ processor and existing AM2 Athlon™ and Sempron™ models ensuring backwards compatibility and future-proof processing power.

    Both motherboards include full support for HyperTransport™ 3.0 and PCIe Generation 2.0 – technologies which dramatically increase available bandwidth between graphics and CPU processing cores, contributing to a more balanced PC system performance.

    Ready to play Blu-Ray and HD-DVD
    The A7GM-S is a highly capable integrated HD graphics platform, ready to play Blu-Ray™ and HD DVD content without upgrading the onboard graphics. The onboard graphics processor includes ATI Avivo™ HD 1 technology, an advanced image and video processing and display technology which improves the playback of Blu-ray™ and HD DVD content, rivaling high-end HD players even at 1080i resolution.

    With onboard HDMI and DVI outputs, the A7GM-S offers maximum flexibility for HD content output, enabling users to simply plug in their preferred HD ready monitor or TV display.

    The onboard ATI Radeon™ HD 3200 graphics engine supports DirectX 10 for realistic and truly playable frame rates on some of the latest games titles, without need for installing a dedicated graphics card.

    Hybrid graphics
    If users do want to install a dedicated graphics card, the onboard ATI Hybrid Graphics technology automatically improves system performance by enabling the ability for both discrete graphics and integrated graphics to render simultaneously – further increasing graphics firepower. With the discrete graphics card installed, the PC can be configured to support up to 4 displays with the ATI SurroundView™ feature.

    Usability technologies
    Both the A7GM-S and A7VMX family motherboards use the AMD® SB700 southbridge, providing up to 6 SATAII and 10 USB2.0 connectors* which, along with RAID support, makes for highly flexible system configurations.

    Useful tools such as AMD OverDrive™ and AMD RAIDXpert increase the usability of advanced system features and overclocking capabilities.

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