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News GAME to publish games too?

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by CardJoe, 4 Jul 2008.

  1. Saivert

    Saivert New Member

    26 Mar 2005
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    Software can never be equal to physical objects. Even if you buy the game retail it's still just bits stored on the DVD that is the meat of the product. People need to think like a game developer / publisher and they will see how silly their arguments are.

    Your opinion is not the only one. Your idea of how the world should be like is not the right one. No single idea is. You need to work together with other people. Together we will be right. Live in harmony!

    There are lots of different people out there. Some people like digital distribution, some people don't like it.
    Some people go retail because they don't have fast no-caps internet. There are a lot of bad ISPs out in the world.
  2. kempez

    kempez modding again!

    4 Aug 2005
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    Just read this and was wondering who you were aiming at and if you were high at the time. If it was me I said I like having a physical DVD on the shelf and wasn't thrusting my opinion on anyone else. If not, then ye of course it's just 1's and 0's burned into a disc layer, but I personally (along with quite a few others) like seeing em there :D

    Digital distribution has it's place, but it's not the be all and end all that people seem to think it is

    Yet at least. Maybe one day we'll have decent net speeds in the UK and no DRM :p
  3. Liquid K9

    Liquid K9 Human programmer.. heh

    1 Sep 2002
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    heres my argument for the faboys of digital distribution mentality:

    if everything is digital, if we can buy, recieve, and take part in everything we want or need - what kind of world does that make it, and do you think you would really be a part of it, or would it merely be watching shadows on a cave wall? (bonus points for the reference)

    look, digital distribution is fantastic - I love the fact that if i want, i can buy a game right off of steam or whatever when i feel like getting a fix. However, I also like retail stores, I like being able to go out, and rummage through the bargain bins trying to find something good, talking to the staff - getting a bit of advice, and even just having a reason to leave the computer for a couple hours. Digital distribution, as good as it may be is not so grand as to uproot all retail chains, thats just folly. Anyone who is just going to assume that while they like sitting on they're arse more than seeing and interacting with real people - even if it costs a small amount extra, that everyone in the world is like that, is just dilluded. im sorry.

    there will *always* be people who want to touch what they're buying.

    My point is this: digital distribution good. but not everyone likes the inhumanity of the experience. if that makes any sense. How else do you explain book stores still being alive after 10 or so years of amazon and its dopplegangers, or auction houses even though ebay and the likes are "better".

    back on topic for a second here; im all for Game supporting indie developers, good on them i say. honestly i dont give a rats about publishers getting pissy, the likes of EA are starting to look an awful lot like the RIAA to me - and boy is that not a good thing!
  4. Cthippo

    Cthippo Can't mod my way out of a paper bag

    7 Aug 2005
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    What's this 'real people" thing i keep hearing about and why would i want to deal with some of them? :confused:
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