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News Games companies refuse to support EGM magazine

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by CardJoe, 9 Jan 2008.

  1. scrumble

    scrumble New Member

    18 Jan 2004
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    Theres only two things which I use as a guideline to buying a PC game:

    User reviews: such as those on Amazon (admittedly you have to weed out the ones posted a year before the game is even released), Gamespot or other similar sites. But usually its the negative reviews that have the greatest sway, as they often point out bugs or flaws.

    Try before you buy: I never buy a game without actually trying a demo first. If theres no demo available then I either don't buy it, or wait until someone I know has it. This is also the other reason I use bit torrent, if there isn't a demo I d/l the full game. If I like it I buy it, if not I delete it. :)

    Proper reviews have very little impact on what games I buy. At best they point me in the direction of a gamen that looks interesting.
  2. DXR_13KE

    DXR_13KE BananaModder

    14 Sep 2005
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    use the edit button ;)

    as for the news, i only have this to say: MAKE BETTER GAMES!!!!!!!!!:miffed:
  3. cyrilthefish

    cyrilthefish New Member

    15 Apr 2004
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    There is one good thing about stories like this, it shows which reviewers are trustworthy :)

    I've not ever read EGM, but this has made my opinion of them go up quite a bit :lol:
  4. Tulatin

    Tulatin The Froggy Poster

    16 Oct 2003
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    Companies almost do this already; except it's never a direct suit, but rather a slice into the revenue stream.

    Sites are like magazines, they rely on advertising in order to pay the bills to pay the workers, power the lights, and keep the packets flowing. When you go and anger your primary payout, and they drop you, suddenly you're either in dire times, or your parent company is pissed.

    This leaves you in a bit of a bad position. Do you tell the truth and gain the respect of the community, or do you kiss ass hoping they keep paying for you?

    I'm sure that Bit hasn't been 101% perfect in relaying accurate opinions in past, but at least they've never been seen to accept blatant payouts to post reviews, like other Treview HsitesG have.
  5. weasal

    weasal New Member

    22 Jul 2007
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    Hasn't this always gone on? I'm sure another magazine pointed out that some companies delayed, or just didn't bother sending out copies of games before release to prevent poor reviews.

    I'm not sure magazines and websites can really complain if they're reliant on publishers and manufacturers sending them copies. The only real way to avoid direct interference is to buy the game themselves (I believe this is what the likes of Which? do).
  6. Bauul

    Bauul Sir Bongaminge

    7 Apr 2007
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    I dunno... last time I saw the 'Tech guys I offered Bindi a free drink, next thing I know he's giving me over-the-top positive reviews to Joe's girlfriend!
  7. Xtrafresh

    Xtrafresh It never hurts to help

    27 Dec 2007
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    That's strange... everytime I offer someone's girlfriend a drink i get very negative reviews :D

    Anyway, stuff like this always amuses me. We all know these games are not made for the love of the game, but for money. These companies have gotten so big that the people making decisions are not used to getting "no" for an answer, let alone "u suck LOL". They behave correspondingly :p
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